Thursday 19 September 2019

Goggins in last four in Damascus

WEXFORD SNOOKER player Rodney Goggins is enjoying success at the Amateur World Snooker Championships in Damascus.

Rodney, from Liam Mellows Park, reached the semi-final final of the competition on Monday after making Irish snooker history a few days earlier by making a break of 147.

The 31-years-old snooker player, who competed in the Under-21 World championships in Egypt in 1999, first learned to play the game when he joined the local Liam Mellows club as a teenager.

He now plays in the 147 club in South Main Street, Wexford, where his fellow snooker enthusiasts are very proud of his achievements.

Rodney had to go through a series of qualifying stages in Ireland to earn his place in the World championships but he nearly didn't get to Syria due to the recent arctic weather.

'He was supposed to go out last Thursday week but he didn't get out until the Saturday because of the snow,' said his mother, Kay. ' They had to go up to the North to get a flight out in the end.'

Rodney telephoned Kay a few days into the competition to tell her that he had won six consecutive games. She is looking forward to her son's return.

'When he rang, I was asking him about the food. He said it was alright.

'I remember when he came home from Egypt, we thought he was on the way out, he was so thin. He had eaten very little because he didn't like the food there,' she said.

The championships are taking place at the Mazara complex in Damascus, Syria.

More than 200 players participate in the tournament which is regarded as the most prestigious amateur snooker event in the world.

Winning this tournament is a dream come true for any amateur snooker player. The action started on December 4 and will conclude today (Wednesday).

It is a long-winded tournament with several rounds and hundreds of matches played between people from all sorts of ethnicities and backgrounds.

There were a total of eleven men's groups starting out, with seven to eight players in each.

Rodney initially topped group D with six wins, followed by Thor Chuan Leong from Malaysia with five successes and Habib Subah Habib of Bahrain with four.

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