Monday 18 December 2017

Jackie claims European gold

County track and field ends

Jackie Carthy of Kilmore A.C
Jackie Carthy of Kilmore A.C

Jackie Carthy of Kilmore A.C. won a gold medal at the European Masters championships in Aarhus, Denmark, last weekend.

Jackie won the W45 category in cross-country, finishing second overall in the W35-50 race just four seconds behind overall winner Christina Artuso of Italy (W35).

Niall Sheil of St. Killian's placed seventh (M40) in his cross-country race.

Another evening on the Enniscorthy track, and another county track and field season put to bed.

Day two of the Mr Oil Wexford Senior track and field championships saw the completion of all outstanding events and the claiming, in many cases retention, of the remaining county titles.

Weather conditions were good enough for spectating but not great for chasing P,B's. While it was warm and sunny, with only the odd shower, the blustery and unpredictable wind was strong enough to unsettle the high jump bar and, generally, to keep a lid on fast times.

Nor, for the same reason, was it an evening for front running in the longer races.

All in all, however, it was a very relaxed and enjoyable way to close out the season.


Senior 400m: 1, Karyn Murphy (E.A.C.); 2, Aine Cullen (United Striders).

Senior 3,000m walk: 1, Triona Mooney (Adamstown); 2, Marie Mooney (Adamstown).

Senior 100m: 1, Karyn Murphy (E.A.C.); 2, Lystus Ebosele (E.A.C.); 3, Olivia Howe (Bree).

Novice 200m: 1, Olivia Howe (Bree); 2, Sandra Young (United Striders); 3, Emma Doran (Slaney Olympic).

Masters 200m: 1, Maggie O'Connor (Slaney Olympic); 2, Linda Barry (United Striders); 3, Lottie Roche (United Striders).

Masters Over-50 200m: 1, Catherine O'Connor (Menapians); 2, Siobhán Doyle (Menapians).

Senior 400m: 1, Sophie McCabe (Bree); 2, Ruth Bowe (Menapians); 3, Kelly Long (Slaney Olympic).

Novice 800m: 1, Sarah Walsh (Slaney Olympic); 2, Christine Hill (S.B.R.); 3, Margaret Cahill (Slaney Olympic).

Masters 800m: 1, Sonya Byrne (United Striders); 2, Christine Stone (D.M.P.); 3, Fidelma Rossiter (Kilmore).

Senior 1,500m: 1, Fiona Kehoe (Kilmore); 2, Christine Stone (D.M.P.); 2, Fidelma Rossiter (Kilmore).

Under-17 3,000m: 1, Grace Costello (United Striders); 2, Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 3, Alannah Byrne (United Striders).

Novice 3,000m: 1, Kelly Long (Slaney Olympic); 2, Christine Hill (S.B.R.).

Masters 3,000m: 1, Sinéad O'Brien (Kilmore); 2, Belinda Kehoe (S.B.R.); 3, Christine Stone (D.M.P.).

Senior 4 x 100m: 1, E.A.C. (Karyn Murphy, Lystus Ebosele, Grace Kehoe, Tunmise Akineyay); 2, United Striders (Grace Costello, Rebecca Bawden, Alannah Byrne, Aoife Muldoon); 3, Menapians (Jane Shovlin, Siobhán Doyle, Catherine O'Connor, Ruth Bowe).

Senior high jump: 1, Lystus Ebosele (E.A.C.); 2, Ciara Kelly (United Striders); 3, Triona Mooney (Adamstown).

Senior long jump: 1, Karyn Murphy (E.A.C.); 2, Lystus Ebosele (E.A.C.); 3, Jane Shovlin (Menapians).


Senior 400m: 1, Conor Gaffney (Menapians); 2, Peter O'Connor (E.A.C.); 3, Aaron Tierney-Smith (Menapians).

Senior 3,000m walk: 1, Joseph Hanlon (Taghmon); Thomas Croft (Slaney Olympic); 3, Paul Murphy (Slaney Olympic).

Senior 100m: 1, Shaun Donohue (Menapians); 2, Chris St. Clare Johnson (E.A.C.) and Ross Daly (E.A.C.); 4, Aaron Tierney-Smith (Menapians).

Novice 200m: 1, Nic Walkden (United Striders); 2, Adam Peilow (D.M.P.); 3, Dermot Foley (Menapians).

Masters 200m: 1, Ronan Gately (Dundrum, guest); 2, Micheál Kinsella (Menapians); 3, Colin Carney (United Striders).

Masters Over-50 200m: 1, John O'Connor (Slaney Olympic); 2, Gavin Kelly (United Striders); 3, Michael Quigley (Slaney Olympic).

Senior 400m: 1, Chris St. Clare Johnson (E.A.C.); 2, Shaun Donohue (Menapians); 3, Liam Butler (E.A.C.).

Novice 800m: 1, Will Doyle (Slaney Olympic); 2, John Stone (D.M.P.); 3, David Leonard (S.B.R.).

Masters 800m: 1, Joe Lillis (S.B.R.); 2, John McGrath (United Striders); 3, Micheál Kinsella (Menapians).

Masters Over-50 800m: 1, David Kehoe (Slaney Olympic); 2, Richard Fortune (D.M.P.); 3, Pat O'Callaghan (United Striders).

Senior 1,500m: 1, Aedan Rogers (United Striders); 2, Paul Gibbons (S.B.R.); 3, Joe Lillis (S.B.R.).

Under-17 3,000m: 1, Nic Walkden (United Striders); 2, Sam Molyneux (Kilmore); 3, Rory Cassidy (Kilmore).

Under-18 3,000m: 1, Aedan Rogers (United Striders); 2, Thomas Breen (S.B.R.); 3, Joseph Hanlon (Taghmon).

Novice 3,000m: 1, Brian Maher (Croghan); 2, Will Doyle (Slaney Olympic); 3, Will Rossiter (S.B.R.).

Masters 3,000m: 1, John McGrath (United Striders); 2, Paul Gibbons (S.B.R.); 3, Joe Lillis (S.B.R.).

Masters Over-50 3,000m: 1, David Kehoe (Slaney Olympic); Pat O'Callaghan (United Striders).

Senior 4 x 100m: 1, Menapians (Michael Deady, Shaun Donohue, Aaron Tierney-Smith, Conor Gaffney); 2, E.A.C. (James Fortune, Ross Daly, Peter O'Connor, Chris St. Clare Johnson); 3, United Striders (Nic Walkden, Gavin Kelly, Aedan Rogers, Colin Carney).

Senior high jump: 1, Ryan Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown); 2, Peter O'Connor (E.A.C.); 3, James Fortune (E.A.C.).

Senior long jump: 1, James Fortune (E.A.C.); 2, Conor Gaffney (Menapians); 3, Peter O'Connor (E.A.C.).

The Co. Wexford men's and ladies' teams were both in action on Sunday in the A.A.I. national track and field league, as was Menapians' men's team. 

At the time of going to print official results were not available. However, it looks certain that Menapians qualified for the Premier Division final on August 20.

It also looks likely that the Co. Wexford men's team will be in the Division 1 final.

The Co. Wexford ladies' team was seriously depleted and, while all events were covered, it does not look like they will progress to the final. 

Good luck to the Co. Wexford athletes competing in the Celtic International Games meet in Santry next Saturday (August 5).

Lystus Ebosole (Enniscorthy) competes in shot putt, and both Pádraig Hore (Taghmon) and Marguerite Furlong (Adamstown) are selected for discus.

Sprinters Ross Daly (Enniscorthy) along with Jack Hayden and Aaron Smith, both Menapians, will be competing as members of the Irish development team.

Fixtures: August 4-13, I.A.A.F. world championships, London; August 5, Celtic Games track and field, Santry; August 20, A.A.I. national track and field league Final, Tullamore; August 27, Oylegate 10k and half-marathon, hosted by Slaney Olympic A.C.

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