Wednesday 22 January 2020

Lots of talent on show in under-age blitz

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Some of the participants in the under-age blitz in the Astro Active Centre
Some of the participants in the under-age blitz in the Astro Active Centre
The older participants in the badminton blitz in Enniscorthy

The Wexford badminton under-age blitz was held in the Astro Active Centre, Enniscorthy, recently, with 54 participants, 124 matches over eight events, and some amazing fare served up by these promising youngsters.

Games were played on a round robin format with some going right to the last point. The group winners and runners-up were as follows -

Under-9 singles: 1, Lilly Toomey; 2, Rory King; 3, Clodagh Poole; 4, Ben Simeon.

Under-9 doubles: 1, Chloe O'Brien and Lilly Toomey; 2, Will Egan and Rory King; 3, Amy Redmond and Ben Simeon; 4, Sarah Bailey and Kayla Kidd-Page.

Under-11 singles: 1, Casey Smyth; 2, Denny Bookle; 3, Ben O'Gorman; 4, Oskar Trankner; 5, Mark Banville; 6, Seán Thambi.

Under-11 doubles: 1, Clodagh Poole and Keeva Poole; 2, Tristan Diaz and Oisín Hearns -McDonagh; 3, Aoife O'Connor and Seán Vaughan; 4, Michael Doyle and Thomas Toomey; 5, Síofra Byrne and Aidan Jones; 6, Ben O'Gorman and Oskar Trankner.

Under-13 singles: 1, Liam Brannigan; 2, T.J. Flynn; 3, Grace Galvin; 4, Alex Mackey; 5, Oskar Trankner; 6, Andy Yu.

Under-13 doubles: 1, Aisling Browne and Rebecca Tobin; 2, Grace Galvin and Joel Kidd-Page; 3, Oisín Hearns-McDonagh and Andy Yu; 4, Michael Doyle and Billy Redmond; 5, Tristan Diaz and Evan Dolin; 6, Hannah Nolan and Jamie Penwell.

Under-15/Under-17 singles: 1, Michael O'Regan; 2, Andy Yu; 3, Dean Wadding; 4, Lorcan Fealey.

Under-15/Under-17 doubles: 1, Michael O'Regan and Andy Yu; 2, Lorcan Fealey and Bethany Trankner; 3, Ciara Doyle and Dean Wadding; 4, Karim Boukhima and Michael Dineen.

Well done to all the participants who played some fantastic badminton.

We would like to thank all players, parents, guardians and clubs for their continued support and participation in our blitz events.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers during the day, and a special word of thanks to Laura Lynch who puts her heart and soul into these tournaments which is very much appreciated.

To all the players, keep up the good work and training and we will see you in the county championships.

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