Wednesday 24 January 2018

Major change at Bettyville

Flat meetings are no more

The decision has been taken to make Bettyville a National Hunt-only racecourse with immediate effect
The decision has been taken to make Bettyville a National Hunt-only racecourse with immediate effect
Two summer fixtures have been moved away from Bettyville as a result of the change

Bettyville will become a National Hunt-only racecourse, following a decision taken at a meeting of the Board of Horse Racing Ireland.

Since Wexford switched from being a right-handed to a left-handed course in April, 2015, the consensus is that the racecourse has been much improved for staging National Hunt racing.

Going left-handed, the racecourse now has an uphill finish and the obstacles are better positioned than when it was a right-handed course. The final two fences and hurdles are very well located in front of the stands, providing an exciting spectacle for racegoers, who are able to view the finish on a large screen directly opposite.

Although the National Hunt fixtures at Wexford have been successful, a much lower runner limit (of ten) has been in place for the Flat meetings held at Wexford (two last year and one in May this year).

Despite remedial work including improved cambering of the bends, which was undertaken over the last winter, it has become clear, following discussions with the Turf Club, Irish Racehorse Trainers' Association and Irish Jockeys' Association, that the course will not be suitable for larger field sizes on the Flat.

The Board of H.R.I. has therefore decided that Flat racing should be discontinued at Wexford, with the Flat race opportunities being provided at alternative racecourses which are able to accommodate higher numbers of runners.

The two remaining Flat fixtures scheduled for Wexford this year will be transferred, to Gowran Park (Saturday, July 23) and Navan (Saturday, August 27) respectively.

As a National Hunt-only venue, Wexford will continue to stage its existing annual allocation of eleven fixtures in 2017. The three current Flat fixtures will become National Hunt fixtures, which will require some changes of code to meetings at other racecourses, while Wexford's racing calendar may also need to be altered slightly.

The Wexford racecourse management have been fully consulted in the decision-making process and are supportive of the change to become a National Hunt only venue, believing that the improved left-handed circuit will enable them to upgrade the quality of their jumps programme.

'We're going National Hunt because that's what the people of the south-east and Wexford want,' said Wexford Racecourse managing director Michael Murphy.

He added more than €100,000 had been spent upgrading and improving the course as part of the change to left-handed racing in the past twelve months.

The managing director said the change to Wexford being a National Hunt course had not been foisted on him by H.R.I. and he hadn't been surprised when the announcement was made.

He said Wexford Racecourse would lose money as a result of the two summer fixtures being moved, but he had not yet worked out how much.

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