Monday 14 October 2019

Nice pups on show as Future Champion Stake starts


There was a great turn-out for the first round of the Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Stake at Enniscorthy Greyhound Track last week.

Some very nice pups werev on display with some very good performances returned as outlined below, heat by heat.

Race one, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat one: 1, Droopys Steel (owner, Austin Whelan, Croydon; trainer, Pat Buckley), 28.69; 2, Burgess Brandy, 28.79.

Droopys showed some brilliant early pace to lead but ran very wide around the first two bends. Despite this he was always in control and ran on well to score.

While Burgess was doing his best work from halfway, he will be a lot better for this outing.

One to watch this week perhaps?

Race two, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat two: 1, Ravenswood Marty (res. B; owner, Derek Hatch, Co. Dublin; trainer, Patrick Kehoe), 28.71; 2, Kingsmill Sprite, 29.13.

Ravenswood came in as reserve and broke fast to lead trap to line for a very impressive win. Kingsmill ran on well to get second, and improvement can be expected this week also.

Race three, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat three: 1, Ballybrazil Zebo (owner, John Henebery, Co. Kilkenny), 28.84; 2, Lord Of Light, 29.12.

Ballybrazil was another trap to line winner here and ran out a clear four lengths too good for Lord Of Light who also ran a sound race.

Race four, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat four: 1, Fast Rio (owner, Laura Kennedy, Thurles, Co. Tipperary), 29.17; 2, Sunset Jessie, 29.22.

Yet another trap to line scorer, Rio led up and ran out a snug winner.

The runner-up and the third runner, Tarsna Jo, looked a little lost around the track and this run should see them improve this week.

Race five, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat five: 1, Doggy Mcdogface (owners, The Dog Fathers syndicate; trainer, Declan Byrne), 28.59; 2, Running Senor, 28.87.

Doggy broke fast and ran out an easy winner. The runner-up ran very well and was finishing best.

Race six, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat six: 1, Kingsmill Dior (owner, John Roche, Barntown), 28.74; 2, Forest Sing Song, 29.09.

Kingsmill showed fine gears off the second bend to go past leader Nothingtosay down the back and ran out an impressive winner.

Race seven, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat seven: 1, Rains Danny Boy (owner, Noel Freeman, Enniscorthy), 29.05; 2, Keanos Jet, 29.22.

Rains also had to overcome the tricky trap six box just like Kingsmill in the previous heat, and he also ran around them to go to the front off the second bend and went on to score a snug win.

Race eight, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 round one, heat eight: 1, Forest Rival (owner, Patrick Kehoe, Grangecon), 29.05; 2, Vimmer Tom, 29.15.

Vimmer Tom set the pace in this final heat but Forest was looming large by the third bend and proved much too strong up the home straight, going on to score well in the end.

This July 2015 dog has age on his side as the stake progresses.

This week's second round will be very interesting as to see who steps forward to make his or her claim on being the next future champion.

October 12 results - race one, Welcome to Enniscorthy Track A5 525: 1, Longraigue Sand, 29.29; 2, Ronda Dubh, 29.46.

Race two, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, Piercestown Inch (owner, Seamus Whelan, Piercestown), 29.15; 2, Metric Annie, 29.60.

Race three, The Trackside Diner A4 525: 1, Kereight Dodger (owner, Aidan Denton, Enniscorthy), 28.82; 2, Yogis Hamstring, 29.27.

Race four, The Showgrounds A2 575: 1, Mikey Blue (owner, Michael Whelan, Enniscorthy), 31.68; 2, Dysert Suzanne, 32.06.

Race five, A3 525: 1, Coolaught Boy, 29.34; 2, Bubba Jet, 29.48.

Race six, Vimmerby @ Stud Unraced Consolation Next Monday A3 525: 1, Duffry Gate Pat, 29.14; 2, Lisnakill Husky, 29.19.

Race seven, Red Mills Unraced Next Monday Night A1 575: 1, Kiltrea Brian (owner, John Doyle, Kiltrea), 31.68; 2, Stripe Mary, 31.78.

Race eight, Buster Draw Night Sunday 29th October A0 525: 1, Rocky Dee Rocket, 28.89; 2, Piercestown Moll, 28.99.

Race nine, The Closing Bumper A2 525: 1, Bugatti Petite (owner, Philip Tierney, Kilmore; trainer, Ian Tierney, Kilmore), 29.06; 2, Cow Lane Lad, 29.27.

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