Saturday 21 September 2019

Now's the time to affiliate

Many areas have not affiliated for the 2015 Community Games season. It is imperative that each Area send their Area registration form back to the county Secretary as soon as possible.

Please note that your children cannot compete in the events if the Area is not registered with insurance fees paid up. Any Area needing assistance from the county committee should inform the county Secretary. Please check and ensure that your form is returned immediately.

A reminder too that anyone working for and with children in their Area must complete a Garda vetting form. These can be downloaded on the website, filled in and forwarded to the county Secretary in a sealed envelope. The county Secretary in turn will forward them to national.

New ideas on when and how to run off the county finals of the cross-country events are being sought. Should they be incorporated into the athetics finals day, or held early or later in the year?

Please discuss in your Area and forward your ideas to the county Secretary for discussion at the first meeting of Wexford Community Games which will be held in February. No date as yet has been finalised for same.

The themes for the various categories in the project competitions are now on the website, but in case you cannot access same, here they are. They are very interesting and I do hope the children in your Area will get together and involve themselves in working on a category.

It can be a very enjoyable occasion and for those of us who have the pleasure of reading up and checking out all the details on the various boards, it is time well spent.

The theme in the Under-11 category is 'when my grandparents were young'. Present a project based on life long ago. Research of the following aspects must be included: education, home life, transport and pastimes. You may include any other elements which you see fit.

Alternatively, you can chose 'Ireland's most famous person'. Present a project based on who you see as Ireland's most famous person, living or dead.

In the Under-13 category the theme is 'the history of Community Games'. Research and present a project based on the history of Community Games, and its influence on the young people of Ireland.

The theme for the Under-16 section is 'the most influential fashion icons and how fashion has changed/repeated itself over time'. Research and present a project based on same. You may use a variety of resources to support your project.

Alternatively you may choose 'how has the music industry been affected by the internet and digital downloading?'. Research and present a project based on same. You may use a variety of resources to support your project.

The art titles for 2015 on the Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16 categories are also up on the website.

They are as follows: cross-country, cycling on grass, rounders, skittles, gymnastics, group modern dance, choir, duathlon, table-tennis and long jump. Keep a note of these and inform the children of same.


Draughts in Bree Hall on Saturday, January 31. Registration at 5.30 p.m. and games under way at 6 p.m.

Chess In Bellefield (Enniscorthy Hurling and Football Club) on Thursday, February 5. Registration at 6.30 p.m. and the start time is 7 p.m.

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