Saturday 17 August 2019

Parks tennis finals week

Finals week in Parks tennis always brings a lot more tempo to groups. Children automatically switch over from fun games to matches, however Parks tennis always tries to keep the fun element as the priority.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose in tennis, as you are competing against yourself. Your opponent hits the ball to your side of the court and it's up to you to hit it around him or her.

Each of the 14 centres send in their best children for finals day. This year to keep the fun element for all children, Maxol has given great stickers for children to earn when they hit the basic four strokes: forehand, backhand , serve and volley.

Finals day will be on July 24 with the doubles in Loreto on the Wednesday and Thursday before that.

There are super trophies for the Under-10s and Under-12s so it will be exciting.

One of the new developments last week was the marking of a midi court in Bridgetown.

This court is three-quarters the size of a full court and is for children nine to 12 years, about 60 foot by 20 foot.

The mini court for children Under-9 is across court size, a large car park. Malahide Tennis Club is the first club in Ireland to build all-weather mini and midi courts, leading the way in Junior development.

Many parents have asked for a three-week rate this year to allow children do hurling camps.

Tennis is very compatible with hurling and in fact many of the Kilkenny hurlers are members of the Kilkenny tennis club to maintain winter fitness and keep up the hand eye co-ordination as you hit much more balls in tennis.

Wexford attacker Liam Og McGovern is a fine tennis player!

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