Friday 20 September 2019

Schools benefit from free tennis

SIX SEPARATE groups combined to provide free tennis lessons for schools in the Rapid area of Wexford and Enniscorthy.

Rapid, the Schools Completion scheme, Parks Tennis, The Boat and Tennis Club, Hillbrook Tennis Club and the Sports Partnership all contributed to give six hours of free tennis lessons to eight primary schools in Co. Wexford.

The introductory lessons were provided by Ashley Wynne (tennis coach/director of tennis) and an assistant, and were simple fun games to introduce children to tennis - the game for life.

Tennis is one of the cheapest sports that children or adults can play, and is a game which can be played between families and across generations.

All the schools, despite being reluctant initially, because they did not have tennis courts, were very happy when they discovered that a basketball court played across the court, was the ideal size for children who are beginning. Any average home drive or the length of a car-park is the perfect size of a children's mini-court.

It is hoped that many of the children will try Parks Tennis camps this summer, which will be in one of the 14 centres around Co. Wexford for €30 for the month, one hour a day from Monday to Friday.

Parks will also be offering a free lesson to parents on how to play tennis with your child.

This is all aimed to combine with National Tennis Day on Saturday, July 7.