Saturday 17 August 2019

Shock result as unraced stake starts with a bang

There is always huge interest in the unraced stakes, and the first round of the Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) open started on Monday of last week at Enniscorthy Dog Track with a very good crowd in attendance.

The stake produced a shock result when long odds-on favourite Market Brexit failed to sparkle after a tardy start and just managed to qualify for this week's second round.

Heat three was the race of the night when Rathsilla Alli got out well from trap three to lead. After being chased hard down the back by Southest Bound, the two finished clear of the rest by 13 lengths and, by the time they crossed the line, Rathsilla held Southest by a short head in a best of the round 28.91 for owners Ian and John Morrissey.

Owner George Roche had a very good week, recording a treble on the night and another winner on Thursday. His runners are hot at the moment.

His Swan Diver took heat two, overcoming trap six to put in a nice performance to score in 29.16.

In heat four he saw his Headford Iso lead and run on well to hold Cuba Snugly in a fast 28.95.

Heat five went to the Paddy Kehoe-owned Forest Whiskey which scored an impressive win in a fast time of 28.94, overcoming the tricky trap one draw in doing so.

The second round will be very interesting as some very promising prospects are on display.

July 10 results - race one, Welcome to Enniscorthy Track A6/A7 525: 1, Sunfire Penny (owner, Christopher Ryan, Murrintown), 29.99; 2, Hillside Kelpie, 30.30.

Race two, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat one: 1, Products Girl (owner, Kevin Kelly, Enniscorthy), 29.39; 2, Piercestown Inch, 29.46.

Race three, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat two: 1, Swan Diver (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 29.16; 2, Laundry Thief, 29.40. 

Race four, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat three: 1, Rathsilla Alli (owners, Ian and John Morrissey, Rathsilla), 28.91; 2, Southest Bound, 28.92.

Race five, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat four: 1, Headford Iso (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 28.95; 2, Cuba, 29.12.

Race six, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat five: 1, Forest Whiskey (owner, Patrick Kehoe, Grangecon, Co. Kildare), 28.94; 2, Longslip Murt, 29.71.

Race seven, The Woodside Nurseries (Aughrim) round one, heat six: 1, Miss Lola (owners, Jason O'Grady and Katherine McGuire, Waterford), 30.24; 2, Alanas Angel, 30.34.

Race eight, The Trackside Diner A4 525: 1, Reckingball (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 29.42; 2, Willoughby Sue, 29.52.

July 13 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy S2/S3 350: 1, Bridie To Be (owner, Larry Ellard, Co. Kilkenny), 19.04; 2, Mattys Hero, 19.28.

Race two, The Trackside Diner A7 525: 1, Temple Venus (owner, Luke Kavanagh, Enniscorthy), 29.37; 2, Nice Girl, 29.54.

Race three, The Track Sweet Shop A4 525: 1, Mikey Blue (owner, Michael Whelan, Enniscorthy), 29.49; 2, Stripe Pal, 29.66.

Race four, Intertrack Betting A6 525: 1, Yes Way Hose (owner, Andrew Hand, Co. Wicklow; trainer, John A. Hand), 29.25; 2, Contessa, 29.49.

Race five, A5 525: 1, Bing Armada (owner, Vincent Morris, Rosslare Harbour), 29.44; 2, Kaylas Komet, 29.51.

Race six, Red Mills A3/A4 Tri Distance Stake semi-final: 1, Tagalong Dicey (owner, Dermot Flynn, Enniscorthy), 32.22; 2, Tycoon Prince, 32.27.

Race seven, Red Mills A3/A4 Tri Distance Stake semi-final: 1, Southest Rising (owner, Daniel Frayne, Forth Mountain), 31.90; 2, Nicodemus, 31.93.

Race eight, The Track Bar A3 525: 1, Jojo On Air (owner, Debbie Gahan, Gorey; trainer, Catherine Redmond, Barntown), 29.35; 2, Sion For Blaze, 29.80.

Race nine, The Next Meeting Monday 17th July A2 550: 1, Strictly Sand (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 30.03; 2, Elusive Star, 30.55.

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