Sunday 19 November 2017

Sky's the limit for Pres

Darran O'Sullivan (back, left) on a recent visit to the Presentation to meet the participants
Darran O'Sullivan (back, left) on a recent visit to the Presentation to meet the participants

Sky Sports are sponsoring an extensive project promoting the growth of and participation in sports for secondary school students.

Presentation Wexford have a hard-working group of fifth year students who have volunteered to undergo the training, plan their project and see it through to completion. The bonus is that they are being mentored by the fantastic Kerry football player, Darran O'Sullivan.

Darran visited the school recently to help the girls with their initial training and planning of the project. Through his role of mentor, Darran is empowering the girls to make a difference in the school through the medium of sport.

Each girl involved has something to bring to the project and to help ensure that it is a success. The project will run for six weeks and the girls have planned to start a badminton club for their group. Once their project is completed, they will open the club up for the wider school population. 

Darran will return after Christmas to do a full day of leadership training with the girls and explore ways that the girls and the school, through the project, can embrace the '6 Keys of Success' that the Sky Sports Living for Sports programme advocates.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed Darran's mentor visit and the initial planning stage, and they will begin their project shortly. They are also looking forward to Darran returning and benefiting from his world of experience. 

This is the Presentation's second year participating in the project. Last year Irish women's rugby international player Alison Miller was the school mentor.

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