Wednesday 24 January 2018

Sports Hub a hive of activity

First class facility adds a special occasion for athletes

The Rathgarogue-Cushinstown group enjoying the county athletics finals at the Sports Hub in Enniscorthy
The Rathgarogue-Cushinstown group enjoying the county athletics finals at the Sports Hub in Enniscorthy

All roads led to The Hub recently for the last county event on the Wexford Community Games calendar of events for the season.

The county athletic finals are one of the busiest days for all Areas competing as they have to hold their local finals beforehand and get their entries posted online to ensure that all their children are ready for the big day.

When the day comes around, it's all systems go from the time the parade gets under way until the final event takes place late in the afternoon. For the first time ever, the events were held on the tartan track at The Hub in Enniscorthy, a facility which is first class and a great addition for all interested in athletics in Wexford and beyond.

The day began with the annual parade of participating Areas and was led by BBBCR with Bree-Davidstown, Glynn-Barntown, Piercestown-Murrintown, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown, Castlebridge-Crossabeg and Taghmon also parading.

The event was sponsored by Pettitt's and the organisers welcomed Rosaleen Casey from Pettitt's of Enniscorthy to the grounds. Rosaleen thanked everyone for the warm welcome and wished the children every success during the day.

Piercestown-Murrintown were the winners of the parade with Rathgarogue-Cushinstown as the runners-up. The best banner award went to Taghmon.

The Community Games pledge was read in English by Brídín Doyle from Craanford and in Irish by Ellie Stafford from Glynn-Barntown. The torch was carried around the field by Marguerite Furlong from Adamstown, and the bowl of light was ignited to declare the games open.

Margaret McDermott, Wexford President, thanked Pádraig O'Gorman and the Municipal Council for allowing the events to be held in the wonderful venue. She also thanked the committee of the rugby club for the use of their facilities for catering and parking. Thanks were also expressed to the management and staff of the greyhound track for the use of their facilities for parking.

County Chairperson Michelle Byrne said that as this has been her first year at the head of the county committee, it has been a challenging one and a steep learning curve.

'The biggest thing I have learnt is that there is a place for Community Games within all our communities and so many children benefit due to the wide variety of activities that are offered.

'The smiles on the children's faces makes all the hard work a distant memory,' she said.

She also thanked all the Area committees and fellow officers for their hard work during the busy season. With only a handful of people looking after Community Games in many Areas, she asked parents to give their local committees the support they needed.

The busy day's events got under way at 11 a.m. with the Under-10 boys' and girls' hurdles, and from there on it was helter-skelter all day until they concluded around 3.30 p.m. Entries were up on last year in the track events and once again this was noticeable in the Under-8s, -10s and -12s where there were many heats.

Field event entries were average with both the winner of the boys' and girls' long puck sending the ball over a distance of more than 70 metres. In the case of Emma Dempsey from Glynn-Barntown, she won her medal by recording a distance of 78.48, while Michael Bolger from BBBCR recorded a distance of 75.15.

If they can replicate that performance at the national finals, they could find themselves in the last eight placings and even do much better.


Under-6 60m: 1, Chloe Casey, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Chloe Wafer, BBBCR; 3, Sarah O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-8 80m: 1, Lea Bolger, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Nessa Long, Enniscorthy; 3, Chloe Goff, Taghmon.

Under-10 100m: 1, Abbie Doyle, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Amy O'Brien, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 3, Chloe Curtin,Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-10 200m: 1, Katie Doyle, Enniscorthy; 2, Leyla Stafford, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Rachel Whelan, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Gracie Kehoe, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Ella Doyle, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Kara Morrissey, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-12 100m: 1, Saidhbhe Byrne, Craanford; 2, Leah Nolan, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Ailbhe White, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-12 600m: 1, Aoibhinn Mernagh, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Sinéad O'Reilly, Clonard; 3, Niamh English, Adamstown.

Under-14 grass cycling: 1, Orlaith O'Hanlon, Taghmon.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Sophie Codd, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Kate Whelan, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Jane Sinnott, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 100m: 1, Sabia Doyle, Clonard; 2, Nadia Elmaissate, Clonard; 3, Lucy Kehoe, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-14 800m: 1, Róisín O'Reilly, Clonard; 2, Claragh Keane, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Laura Ivers, Craanford.

Under-16 100m: 1, Karyn Murphy, Enniscorthy; 2, Susie Brennan, Clonard; 3, Aoife Nic Eochaidh, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-16 200m: 1, April Keeling, Clonard; 2, Joely Gibney, BBBCR.

Under-16 1,500m: 1, Mairéad Crean, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Méadbh Whitty, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-16 marathon: 1, Rebecca Bawden, Ring of Hook; 2, Sonia Mooney, Adamstown; 3, Tunamise Akinyemi, Enniscorthy.

Under-12 ball throw: 1, Sophia Kinsella, BBBCR; 2, Kate Freeman, Castlebridg-Crossabeg; 3, Fiona O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Elaine Oladirron, Enniscorthy; 2, Muireann Hore, Taghmon; 3, Precious Obasahan, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 long puck: 1, Emma Dempsey, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Annie Brennan-Roche, Rathangan; 3, Róisín Waters, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 long jump: 1, Aisling Kelly, Taghmon; 2, Aoife O'Connor, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Erin Cahill, Enniscorthy.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Caitríona Doyle, Craanford; 2, Rebecca Connor, BBBCR; 3, Katie English, Adamstown.

Under-16 discus: 1, Marguerite Furlong, Adamstown; 2, Kate Jackman, Adamstown.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Maeve Hayes, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Lystus Ebosele, Enniscorthy.


Under-8 60m: 1, Tomás Brennan, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Danny Peiro-Doyle, Taghmon; 3, Oisín Harte, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-8 80m: 1, Jayden Kenny, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Oisín Larkin, Enniscorthy; 3, Jamie Stafford-Doyle, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-10 100m: 1, Arthur Ashmore, Enniscorthy; 2, Oscar Redmond, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Joseph Swords, Craanford.

Under-10 200m: 1, Kevin O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, James Fanning, Enniscorthy; 3, Sam Meyers, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Cian O'Dowd, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Ciarán Kelly, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Tadhg Doyle, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-12 100m: 1, Seán Rowley, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 2, Jack Morris, Enniscorthy; 3, Shane Doran, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-12 600m: 1, Conn Mernagh, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Mark Hennessy, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Oisín Kehoe, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Dara Casey, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 2, Robert Wall, Newbawn-Raheen; 3, Darragh Whelan, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 100m: 1, Festy Ebosele, Enniscorthy; 2, Ryan Corrigan, Castlebride-Crossabeg; 3, Finn Ryan, Rathangan.

Under-14 800m: 1, Conor Doyle, Enniscorthy; 2, Tobias Redmond, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Conor Kervick, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-16 100m: 1, Conor Ryan, Rathangan; 2, David Obasahan, Enniscorthy; 3, Darragh Rochford, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-16 200m: 1, Michael Abidoye, Enniscorthy; 2, Cian Wickham, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Shane O'Neill, Clonard.

Under-16 1,500m: 1, Jacob English, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 2, Luke Byrne, Adamstown; 3, Oisín Wollmington, BBBCR.

Under-16 marathon (team): John Kehoe, Peter Rogers (Bree-Davidstown) and Ryan Kehoe (Glynn-Barntown).

Under-12 ball throw: 1, Cosmo Hewlett, Ring of Hook; 2, Mailyn Cueto, Enniscorthy; 3, Tadhg McShane, Craanford.

Under-12 long puck: 1, Michael Bolger, BBBCR; 2, Joe Mernagh, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Kyle Rankin, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 long jump: 1, Raphael Abidoye, Enniscorthy; 2, Joseph Akinyemi, Enniscorthy; 3, Tadhg McDonald, Adamstown.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Maxwell Shoyeju, Enniscorthy; 2, Cormac Byrne, Adamstown; 3, Nathan Murphy, Clonard.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Jack Forde, Castlebridge-Crossabeg; 2, Val Whitty, Taghmon; 3, Mathu Pierce, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Conor Brennan, Piercestown-Murrintown; joint 2, Miguel Byrne, Enniscorthy, and Paul Gately, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-16 discus: 1, Craig Wall, Newbawn-Raheen.


The relays as ever attract enormous attention and are always the most competitive.

There was great excitement as usual and lots of smiling faces on the podium for the medal presentations.

Under-12 girls: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Leah Nolan, Emer Kervick, Ciara Byrne, Yvonne Hennebry, Alise Furlong, Katie Murphy); 2, Piercestown-Murrintown (Ellie O'Mahony, Jessie Akinyemi, Caoimhe Sutherland, Aoibhinn Mernagh, Mary Rowe); 3, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Jodie Morrissey, Susie O'Gorman, Grace O'Brien, Deirbhile Sinnott, Rebecca Quinn, Cliona Kearney).

Under-14 girls: 1, Enniscorthy (Ann-Marie O'Connor, Ciara O'Connor, Erin Cahill, Precious Obasohan, Priscilla Akinyemi, Elaine Oladiran); 2, Clonard (Sabia Doyle, Nadia Elmoussati, Ciara Dolan, Tmini Jurrsoo, Róisín O'Reilly); 3, Taghmon (Aisling Kelly, Muireann Hore, Dearbhla O'Hanlon, Orlaith O'Hanlon).

Under-10 mixed: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Abbie Doyle, Gracie Kehoe, Tadhg Doyle, Oscar Redmond, Katie Nolan, Dylan Carr); 2, Enniscorthy (Arthur Ashmore, Siofra Fenlon, James Fanning, Katie Doyle, Seán Hyland, Stephanie O'Connor); 3, Piercestown-Murrintown (Corina Simpson, Kate Stafford, Chloe Curtin, Kevin O'Mahony, Charlie Conway, Abadha Keane).

Under-13 mixed: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Seán Fitzpatrick, Darra Kehoe, Donna Delahunty, Lucy Kehoe, Anna Jevens, Ryan Whelan); 2, Taghmon (Chloe O'Toole, Ben O'Toole, Chloe Doyle, Daniel Ruane, Patrick Monaghan, Orla Roche-Kelly); 3, Craanford (Saidhbhe Byrne, Brídín Doyle, Tim Ivers, Malachy Catcart, Seán Pinnegar, Tadhg McShane).

Under-15 mixed: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Shane Kehoe, Darragh Rochford, Sophie Codd, Katie Whelan, Connel Kervick, Claudia O'Neill); 2, Clonard (Shane O'Neill, Susie Brennan, Cillian Corkery, April Keeling); 3, Rathangan (Vicky Breen, Adam White, Ciara Moore, Finn Ryan, Annie Brennan-Roche).

Under-16 (4 x 200m) mixed: 1, Enniscorthy (Michael Abidoye, David Oasohan, Lystus Ebosele, Karyn Murphy, Jamie Foley, Tunmise Akinyemi).

Under-12 boys: 1, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Seán Milbourne, Jack Hennessy, Shane Doran, Seán Rowley, Eamon Moran); 2, Piercestown-Murrintown (Oisín Kehoe, Mark Hennessy, Conn Mernagh, Rory Roche, Eoin Sinnott, Kyle Rankin); 3, Enniscorthy (Jack Morris, Joe Browne, Leo Morris, Dannan Long, Mailyn Curto).

Under-14 boys: 1, Enniscorthy (Maxwell Shoyesu, Joseph Akinyemi, Raphael Abidoye, Festy Ebosele, Dapo Abidoye, Daniel Feeney); 2, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Jack Forde, Ryan Corrigan, Billy Reck, Darra Casey); 3, Piercestown-Murrintown (Alex Gregg, Robert Curtin, Conor Keane, Darragh Whelan).

Under-16 boys: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Cian Wickham, Peter Rogers, John Kehoe, Oran French); 2, Castlebridge-Crossabeg (Scott Anderson, Jack Freeman, Paul Freeman, Jacob English); 3, Piercestown-Murrintown (Paul Gately, Terry Rowe, Darragh Collins, Conor Brennan).

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