Monday 11 December 2017

Stage is set for first ever Dragon Sportive to roll out

The Dragon Sportive stand at Wexford county council, which was part of National Bike Week.
The Dragon Sportive stand at Wexford county council, which was part of National Bike Week.

WITH the roads now painted and the signs going up, we are only five days away from the first ever Dragon Sportive, which takes place this Sunday, June 30.

The event is due to attract hundreds of eager cyclists from all over Ireland.

So what's left to do with your bikes?

Hopefully you have followed the advice on these pages in previous weeks and checked over your bike. If, like most people, you have only one bike, it has got a lot of use in the last six weeks. So maybe it's time for a clean up.

For this, you need to get some degreaser, a bucket, sponge, washing-up liquid, and some hot water.

Remove both wheels and stand up your bike on the drop outs – that's where the derailer is. Spray the degreaser on the dirt on the frame, the gears and brake calipers.

While the degreaser is breaking down the dirt, get a bucket and fill with some washing-up liquid and hot water. Tear a sponge in half.

Starting with the sponge and hot water, start with the handlebars and saddle, then the frame and onto the wheels.

Now get the second part of the sponge and use to clean the gears. Lastly, hold the sponge around the chain and run the chain through the sponge.

When finished, rinse the bike down with hot water. Dry off your chain with a cloth and then apply a small amount of oil to the chain and rewipe as bike does not need too much oil.

Also, apply a small amount of oil to any exposed cables. Cleaning your bike will act as a final check on your bike.

Your tyres will need to be pumped the morning of the sportive as soft tyres makes a hard day's ride.

Don't forget to reset your computer as well as it will be nice to have the day's info on your computer. Make sure you have a spare tube, tyre levers and a pump and also a phone.

Now you're ready for your big day. Hope the weather is good and I see you there!

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