Wednesday 17 January 2018

Taghmon trio take main awards

Wexford badminton held their annual awards night in the Horse and Hound recently. One of the main features this year was to present a cheque to Wexford Marine Watch.

Marine Watch members took time out from their busy schedule and Wexford badminton were only too happy to support such a worthwhile cause.

Conor Barry of Marine Watch outlined what the organisation does and how the funds will help them with equipment, further training of volunteers and adding to the weekly nights they are on duty. We wish them all the best with the amazing work they do.

The rest of the night was spent handing out awards from the various individual events and tournaments held throughout the year, with the main focus being on the male and female players of the year.

As is customary, three from each category were picked as nominees to highlight, recognise and praise their efforts throughout the season in both individual competitions and their contributions in team events.

Helen Shalloe (Shelburne), Clodagh Dempsey (Taghmon) and Clodagh Dunne (Taghmon) were the three stand-out ladies of the 2014-'15 season with a mind-boggling collection of successess between them.

Philip Walsh (Taghmon), Ryan Cogley (Taghmon) and Brandon Cogley (Taghmon) were the best three male players in the county with an impressive list of titles after each of their names.

A huge congratulations to each of the six players who may perhaps inspire others to try to make it into the top three next season.

Making it to top position in the men's category was Brandon Cogley. This was certainly Brandon's most successful season with an almost perfect score in terms of participation and results.

The young Taghmon man has definitely made himself known and is one to watch for next season's top award also. Though probably in a higher division, with the rate of improvement shown this season Brandon will still be one of the favourites to do the double.

In the ladies' side we had a not unprecedented situation where two players had the same points total so ladies' player of the year was shared by Clodagh Dempsey (Division 5) and Clodagh Dunne (Division 2).

Both girls not just participated in almost everything there was but also dominated in their respective divisions.

Here too there is no doubt we will see one or more of these young talents continue to dominate for many years to come.

M.C. was Laura Lynch, a professional if ever there was one who made all run smooth as silk. Special guest was someone who has been described as the Judy Murray of Irish badminton, Cheryl Evans.

Cheryl is was of the most recognisable names in Irish badminton and is of course mother to Irish number one, Scott Evans, who continues to impress on the international scene.

County Chairperson Jimmy Butler later made a presentation to Cheryl for her participation and thanked her for her support to Wexford badminton over the years.

At this stage it is almost a cliché to thank all who helped out but in truth it is one of the most important aspects of any sport, and that is volunteers.

A volunteer almost gains a state of infallibility considering many of the positions held or jobs carried out as they will simply not be done by anyone else, and that is why they deserve the unreserved thanks and support from everyone else.

What certainly is a cliché is that there are always too many to mention. But thank you, each and every one of you.

Next and last on the list is the county A.G.M. on Wednesday, June 3, in the Horse and Hound at 8pm.

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