Wednesday 23 October 2019

Tan topples hot favourite

The Red Mills Future Unraced Stake was the feature event running at Enniscorthy Dog Track this month, and the second round took place on Monday of last week.

As expected, some good performances were recorded.

'Shanks' Whelan saw his Piercestown Tan out-battle hot favourite Pennys Smoke to run out a decisive three and a half lengths winner in a useful 29.12 in heat one.

Maysmorningrun was impressive in the first round and was even more impressive this time in heat two when overcoming the difficult trap six draw to get across by the first bend to lead.

He went away to score an easy five and a half lengths win in a very good 28.85.

Heat three saw the Joe Devlin-owned Jump Up Johnny show his good early pace to lead before running out a snug winner.

He recorded 29.47, the slowest of the heats, but is still unbeaten.

Heat four saw the probable favourite for outright honours, Razldazal AllStar, show his pace to flash past leader Woe Tyson between the third and fourth bends.

Then he came right away up the straight and scored by eight lengths from the latter in a best of the night 28.81.

This week's semi-finals will be interesting as Allstar seems to lack early form and could well find it even tougher as the quality gets better. He may need some luck in running if he is to make the final next week.

October 17 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A5/A6 525: 1, Ravens Prince (owners, John Kavanagh and John Somers, Enniscorthy), 29.53; 2, Dipton Spark, 29.70.

Race two, The Enniscorthy (re-run) A4 575: 1, Babbie Helen (owner, Brendan Frayne, Wexford town), 32.20; 2, Tomahurra Sue, 32.44.

Race three, Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525, round two, heat one: 1, Piercestown Tan (owner, Seamus Whelan, Piercestown), 29.12; 2, Pennys Smoke, 29.36.

Race four, heat two: 1, Maysmorningrun (owners, Laurence and Brian Jones), 28.85; 2, Bigwood Pitstop, 29.23.

Race five, heat three: 1, Jump Up Johnny (owner, Joe Devlin, Wexford town), 29.47; 2, Gifted Lee, 29.68.

Race six, heat four: 1, Razldazl Allstar (owners, Dazzling syndicate, Rathangan, Co. Kildare), 28.81; 2, Woe Tyson, 29.37.

Race seven, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, Shes So Epic, 29.60; 2, Jen Jen Sky, 29.70.

Race eight, October A5 575: 1, January Weather (owner, Philip Coleman, Co. Wexford), 31.80; 2, Rains Maggie, 32.00.

October 20 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A6 525: 1, Metric Matt (owner, Pauline Byrne, Marshalstown), 29.15; 2, Bubba Maggie, 29.36.

Race two, Soltherm External Insulation A2/A3 525, round one, heat one: 1, Faypoint Rush (owner, Patricia Flanagan, Gorey), 28.82; 2, Coyote Sea, 29.20.

Race three, heat two: 1, Bing David (owner, Vincent Morris, Rosslare Harbour), 28.96; 2, Gymstar Bugati, 29.13.

Race four, heat three: 1, Ballinclare Fion (owner, Aisling McCann, Gorey), 28.96; 2, Ravens Jester, 29.24.

Race five, heat four: 1, Good Ability (owner, Robert F. Bennett, England; trainer, Nick Turner), 28.86; 2, Tagalong Hawkeye, 29.00.

Race six, heat five: 1, Shes Our Maureen (owners, Mary Lawlor and Thomas Leniston, Wexford), 28.91; 2, Master Conor, 29.05.

Race seven, heat six: 1, Tycoon Prince (owner, Raymond O'Sullivan, Co. Wexford), 29.07; 2, Bluestormrising, 29.24.

Race eight, October A1 525: 1, Tagalong Roy (owners, John Codd and Diana Brodie, Enniscorthy), 29.00; 2, Leahs Phantom, 29.07.

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