Monday 16 September 2019

Tank takes it in tight finish

There was a mighty turn-out for the annual Enniscorthy Credit Union night at Enniscorthy Dog Track, and a great night's racing was enjoyed by all with several finals featured.

The Credit Union A3 final with a €1,250 first prize saw a cracking finish as hot favourite Sound Boy led early and was cruising along until the home straight.

Monamolin Tank was coming home strongly at this stage and they flashed over the line together five lengths clear of the third runner. The verdict went to Monamolin Tank by a short head in a good time of 28.77, a career best.

The Credit Union Quick Result A5/6 stake with €1,100 to the winner saw a nice performance from trap three runner Our Little Dolly who led from trap rise to score by six lengths from the somewhat unlucky Airdown Rena. Rena was badly drawn in six and it did make the difference on the night.

There was a good crowd in attendance on Thursday night also, a fundraiser for Ballyroebuck National School, and it proved a very good night for local owner/trainer Dermot Flynn when recording a fine double.

His Tagalong Hylander raced to a clear four lengths win in race five, and then his big strong-running Tagalong Hawkeye led in race nine over the 600-yard trip to hold off the challenges of Town Belle and Fleeting Queen who finished strongly, winning his fourth race in a time of 33.34.

June 25 results - race one, The 'Lovin the Legroom' Car Loan A5 525: 1, God Save Ya (owner, Jamie Reck, Enniscorthy), 29.17; 2, Misterin Sand, 29.62.

Race two, Enniscorthy Credit Union 6% Education Loan A4 525: 1, Bing Impact (owner, Vincent Morris, Rosslare Harbour), 29.47; 2, Karlow Snapper, 29.54.

Race three, The Credit Union Quick Result A5/A6 525 final: 1, Our Little Dolly (owners, Cathy Stafford and Sarah Coleman; trainer, John Kavanagh, Enniscorthy), 28.99; 2, Airdown Rena, 29.41.

Race four, Strawberry Culture and Food Fest 2016 A5/A6 575: 1, Headwire Spike (owners, Seamus Dempsey and Seamus O'Brien, Enniscorthy), 32.65; 2, Bu Han Story, 32.93.

Race five, The Credit Union A3 525 final: 1, Monamolin Tank (owners, Eugene Gleeson and Edward Mulvaney, Monamolin), 28.77; 2, Sound Boy, 28.78.

Race six, Enniscorthy Credit Union Staff A4 525 final: 1, Pros Fancy (owner, Eugene Crosbie, Enniscorthy), 29.15; 2, Ballinaboola Ace, 29.32.

Race seven, Enniscorthy Credit Union Holiday Loans A3 525: 1, Shaneshill (owners, Cormac Doyle and Eddie Doyle; trainer, Thomas Codd, Enniscorthy), 29.32; 2, Cosy Scolari, 29.46.

Race eight, Enniscorthy Credit Union 4.83% Secured Loan A2 525: 1, Elite Sammy (owner, Patrick Roban, Enniscorthy), 29.05; 2, Tree Tops Beauty, 29.36.

Race nine, Enniscorthy Credit Union Home Improvements Loan A1 525: 1, Karlow Crean (owners, WKC syndicate, Henry Kelly), 29.04; 2, Tagalong Roy, Master Conor, 29.28.

June 27 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy S3/S4 350: 1, Old Road Jack (owner, Lulu O'Brien, Co. Kilkenny), 19.21; 2, Skyview Flash, 19.23.

Race two, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A8/A9 525: 1, Coco Breeze (owner, Mary Flynn, Waterford; trainer, Nick Turner), 29.66; 2, Carrigoe Yaya, 29.71.

Race three, The Track Sweetshop A7 525: 1, Ashwood Rose (owner, Helen Doyle, Gorey), 29.44; 2, Heavenstown Jack, 29.79.

Race four, The Roban Financial A6 525: 1. Liberty Boy (owner, Shay Hodnett, Ballymurn), 29.66; 2, Bu Han Story, Metric Malachi, 29.73.

Race five, The Trackside Diner A5 525: 1, Dolls China (owner, Edward Sheridan, Co. Wicklow), 29.09; 2, CIll Dubh Shane, 29.61.

Race six, A6 525: 1, Croghan Rizz (owner, Patrick Kinsella, Gorey), 29.41; 2, Metric Buley, 29.46.

Race seven, The Track Bar A4 525: 1, Alien Daisy (owner, Mary Browne, Gorey), 29.46; 2, Ashwood Whiskey, 29.49.

Race eight, A4 525: 1, Strictly Sand (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 29.08; 2, Ballinaboola Lord.

June 30 results - race one, Bunclody Credit Union - Roche's Coaches A5 525: 1, Mulrankin Jack (owner, Thomas Byrne, Mulrankin), 29.29; 2, Barro Pee Jay, 29.46.

Race two, The Podge & Rodge Race-Fr. Joe Power A5 525: 1, Bisto Bom (owner, Liam Kavanagh, Ferns), 29.29; 2, Ballinaboola Ace, 29.46.

Race three, Kilrush & Askamore Parish Communities A4 525: 1, Yogis Hamstring (owner, John Murphy, Enniscorthy), 29.39; 2, Hillburn Biddy, 29.84.

Race four, Anthony Ryan & Co Accountants-Sugar & Spice A4 575: 1, Me Hook On (owner, Michael English, Co. Kilkenny), 32.26; 2, Edermine Speck, 32.27.

Race five, Byrne Auto Body Repairs-Codd's Bar A4 525: 1, Tagalong Hylandr (owner, Dermot Flynn, Enniscorthy), 29.13; 2, Duffry Gate Pat, 29.41.

Race six, The O'Reilly's SuperValu Buster Race A3 525: 1, Shaneshill (owners, Cormac and Eddie Doyle; trainer, Thomas Codd, Enniscorthy), 28.94; 2, Free Eagle, 29.18.

Race seven, Devereux Heating & Plumbing-Corrells Hardware A3 525: 1, Tycoon Prince (owner, Raymond O'Sullivan, Foulksmills), 29.42; 2, Ravens Jester, 29.73.

Race eight, The Innovotec A2 525: 1, Vaz Te (owner, Robert F. Bennett, England; trainer, Nick Turner, Barntown), 29.12; 2, Airdown Rena, 29.33.

Race nine, O'Rourke Digging-Power & Foley Car Sales A3 600: 1, Tagalong Hawkeye (owner, Dermot Flynn, Enniscorthy), 33.34; 2, Town Belle, 33.37.

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