Monday 19 August 2019

Three runners unbeaten

The second round of the Roban Financial Open Unraced Stake on Thursday saw three runners maintain their unbeaten records in the first three heats.

Firstly Alien Ticker again overcame trouble to go on to score in 29.53, but one feels there is a big run coming from this fellow when he gets it right.

Heat two saw Ballinclare Earl follow up his first round win, battling well after a tardy start to get up gamely in the closing stages to record 29.51.

Heat three went to Danciabri who got home by three-quarters of a length in 29.54.

Heat four went to Dawsons Bar in a time of 29.96, and the semi-finals this week makes for interesting races.

The Speedrite Racer A3 semi-finals were also run, and Vimmer Bull put in a fine run in the first semi when recording a fast 28.70, beating Piercestown Away and Glenbrien Sparky.

The second semi completed the double for trainer John Kavanagh of Enniscorthy when Salmon Lad also produced a fine run when scoring his 13th race win, beating Kingsmill Daroma and Dysert Noir in a fast 28.75.

The final looks a real cracker for Thursday night.

Trainer John Kavanagh went on to complete a memorable treble when Metric Mocha took race seven, and his kennel has been in top form in recent weeks.

The Enniscorthy Credit Union gala night was held on Saturday week and it was a major success, with a huge turn-out and a great night had by all.

June 29 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A7/A8 525: 1, Skyview Moon (owner, Eugene Dempsey, Castlebridge; Forest Master-Skyview Bound), 30.01.

Race two, the Soltherm Insulation A6 525 round one, heat one: 1, Threes Company (owners, Leanne and Ann Marie Butler, Coolballow; trainer, Anton Butler; Vans Escalade-Telex Chick), 29.53.

Race three, heat two: 1, Brandy Blue (owner, Martin O'Sullivan, Foulksmills; Ace Hi Rumble-White Oasis), 29.28.

Race four, heat three: 1, Razldazl Pippa (owner, Matt Garnett, England; trainer, Nick Turner; Razldazl Jayfkay-Razldazl Pru), 29.78.

Race five, heat four: 1, Bloomhill (owner, Andy Turner, Enniscorthy; Everlast Lee-Langan Blocks), 29.52.

Race six, A5 525: 1, Sharp Asa Marble (owner, Joseph Redmond, Enniscorthy; Swords Prince-Reggae Shabo), 29.67.

Race seven, the Track Bar A4 525: 1, Kingsmill Niamh (owner, Aidan Roche, Barntown; Kingsmill Messi-Daroma Niamh), 29.39.

Race eight, the Next Meeting Thursday 2nd July A5 575: 1, Kingsmill Thrill (owner, Declan Doyle; trainer, John Kavanagh; Westmead Hawk-Lunar Vacation), 32.31.

July 2 results - race one, the Roban Financial Open Unraced 525 round two, heat one: 1, Alien Ticker (owner, Laurence A. Byrne, Gorey; Rumble Impact-Alien Forest), 29.53.

Race two, heat two: 1, Ballinclare Earl (owner, Eilish McCann, Gorey; Melodys Royal-Ballinclare Dime), 29.91.

Race three, heat three: 1, Danciabri (owner, Cora Jones, Redcross, Co. Wicklow; Crash-Honeymoon Clara), 29.54.

Race four, heat four: 1, Washpit Buzzer (owners, Hugh Martin and Ned Murphy; Kinloch Brae-Airforce Alice), 29.96.

Race five, the Speedrite Gold Racer A3 525 semi-final: 1, Vimmer Bull (owner, James Kent, New Ross; trainer, John Kavanagh; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 28.70.

Race six, the Speedrite Gold Racer A3 525 semi-final: 1, Salmon Lad (owners, Orla and Jack Stafford; trainer, John Kavanagh; Droopys Scolari-Quam Celerrime), 28.75.

Race seven, the Glenbrien Kennels A4 525 round one, heat one: 1, Metric Mocha (owner, Pauline Byrne, Marshalstown; trainer, John Kavanagh; Ace Hi Rumble-Metric Daisy), 29.20.

Race eight, heat two: 1, Boderan Mist (owner, Michael O'Grady, Ramsgrange; Sparta Maestro-Awesome Belle), 29.15.

Race nine, heat three: 1, Lord Wonder (owner, Tommy Woods, Enniscorthy; Skywalker Ace-Forest Golly), 29.19.

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