Sunday 19 November 2017

Waterfront hosts Games swimming county finals

Under-10 boys' breaststroke medal winners, Daniel O'Mahony (first) and Darragh Kirwan (second)
Under-10 boys' breaststroke medal winners, Daniel O'Mahony (first) and Darragh Kirwan (second)

The Waterfont Leisure Centre in Enniscorthy was the venue for the county swimming finals recently.

Wexford Community Games wishes to thank the management and staff for the use of their premises. Thanks also to co-ordinator Tracey Cullen and her excellent staff who had everything ready for the occasion and saw that the events ran smoothly and were enjoyable for the children competing.

Thanks also to Liam Murphy who started the events and to the parents and children for their co-operation. Congratulations to all the winners.

Under-8 boys' freestyle: 1, Aodhán Sane, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Alex Norval, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Eli Stanners, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-10 boys' freestyle: 1, Donnach McCarthy, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Kevin O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Jamie Penwell, Clonard.

Under-10 boys' backstroke: 1, Daniel O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Darragh Kirwan, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-12 boys' freestyle: 1, Cael Colfer, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Eoin Sinnott, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, James Hegarty, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-12 boys' breaststroke: 1, Sam Norval, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Ciarán McCarthy, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-14 boys' freestyle: 1, Colin Roberts, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-14 boys' breaststroke: 1, Bobby Whelan, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-8 girls' freestyle: 1, Holly Hennessy-Murphy, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Sarah O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Olivia Grannell, Castlebridge-Crossabeg.

Under-10 girls' freestyle: 1, Eva Bailey, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Nicole Colfer, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 3, Caitlin Gaffney, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-10 girls' backstroke: 1, Ava Whelan, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Louise Doyle, Clonard.

Under-12 girls' freestyle: 1, Abi Cullen, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Jenna Kirwan, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Fiona O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-12 girls' backstroke: 1, Holly Furlong, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Orla Griffin, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Claire Whelan, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-12 girls' breaststroke: 1, Leah Nolan, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Ellie O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-13 girls' relay: 1, Bree-Davidstown (Abi Cullen, Claire Whelan, Holly Furlong, Leah Nolan, Amelia Furlong, Hannah Fitzpatrick); 2, Piercestown-Murrintown (Ellie O'Mahony, Orla Griffin, Jane Sinnott, Fiona O'Mahony, Emily-Kate Bacon, Anna Ryan).

Under-14 girls' freestyle: 1, Danielle Colfer, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Anabelle Dunlop, Taghmon; 3, Anna Kelly, Taghmon.

Under-14 girls' backstroke: 1, Róisín Doyle, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Orla McCauley, Bree-Davidstown.

Under-14 girls' breaststroke: 1, Ciara Bethell, Adamstown; 2, Lauri Twomey, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Leah Myers, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-16 girls' freestyle: 1, Sarah Byrne, Bree-Davidstown; 2, Caoimhe Kirwan, Bree-Davidstown; 3, Shania Quigley, Taghmon.


Indoor soccer, Sunday, April 3, in the Acro Sports Club, Enniscorthy, at 3 p.m.

Badminton, Saturday, April 9. The closing date is Friday, April 1.

Table quiz Under-14, Thursday, April 14. The closing date is April 2. Area Secretaries to inform the county Secretary of the possible number of teams they will have participating.

Tag rugby, April 20.

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