Tuesday 22 October 2019

Winter league up and running

More than 200 Juveniles take part in fantastic weather

Shane Laffan (Bree) winning the Under-8 boys' race
Shane Laffan (Bree) winning the Under-8 boys' race
Under-14 boys (from left): Seán Barry, Jack Byrne, Eoin Lennon, Conor Doyle and Darragh Flannelly (winner)
The United Striders (New Ross) Under-15 girls (from left): Clodagh Foran, Eve Byrne, Louise Doyle, Erin Shannon and Jessica Sutton

The first round of the 2017 Wexford Juvenile winter league was held at Enniscorthy Sports Hub on Sunday.

Fantastic weather brought out record numbers with well over 200 taking part.

There are prizes for best overall club, best overall boys' club and best overall girls' club as well as star awards for any athlete who wins all three races in the series.

Athletes were therefore anxious to get their campaigns off to a winning start.

It was no surprise then that there were some thrilling races with a number of very close finishes.

The next round of the league will be held on Friday, November 17, at 7 p.m., with the final round taking place on Sunday, December 3.

Both rounds take place in Enniscorthy and will be eagerly awaited by the young participants who did their clubs proud on Sunday.

Under-8 girls: 1, Saoirse Flanagan (D.M.P.); 2, Catherine O'Leary (St. Paul's); 3, Judy Sinnott (D.M.P.); 4, Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon); 5, Izzy Aspel (Taghmon); 6, Anna Assinder (Taghmon); 7, Mollie Kelly (St. Paul's); 8, Caoimhe Ryan (St. Paul's); 9, Ellisbelle Carty (Enniscorthy); 10, Laura Murphy (United Striders); 11, Emma Creane (Taghmon); 12, Olivia Ponzi (St. Paul's); 13, Helena Doyle (Enniscorthy); 14, Amy Rayner (Menapians).

Under-9 girls: 1, Lea Butler (Bree); 2, Neasa Long (Enniscorthy); 3, Ruby Gallagher-O'Reilly (no club); 4, Lauren Phelan (United Striders); 5, Issy Kearney (Menapians); 6, Laragh Walsh (Menapians); 7, Hannah Carney (United Striders); 8, Deirbhile O'Dwyer (Taghmon); 9, Siún Byrne (Croghan); 10, Zara Merrigan (Croghan); 11, Maisie Elmes (Menapians); 12, Aoife O'Donnor (Enniscorthy); 13, Orla Dolan (Menapians); 14, Grace Goggins (Menapians); 15, Saroise Nolan (Menapians).

Under-10 girls: 1, Victoria Kunz (St. Paul's); 2, Ciara Laffan (Bree); 3, Stephanie O'Connor (Enniscorthy); 4, Maura Doyle (Bree); 5, Kiera Wilson (Bree); 6, Lilly Apdacz (Enniscorthy); 7, Erin Byrne (Croghan); 8, Elle Murphy (Taghmon); 9, Chloe Casey (Bree); 10, Lucia Donohoe (St. Paul's); 11, Louise Hanlon (Taghmon); 12, Emily Kinsella (S.B.R.); 13, Sarah O'Mahoney (D.M.P.); 14, Maeve Burke (United Striders); 15, Gráinne Kelly (Taghmon); 16, Aine Lawless (S.B.R.); 17, Abigail Quinn (Menapians); 18, Róisín Reville (Taghmon); 19, Ruby Noonan (United Striders); 20, Millie Stone (Menapians).

Under-11 girls: 1, Katie Doyle (Bree); 2, Leila Stafford (D.M.P.); 3, Rachel Whelan (D.M.P.); 4, Lucia Goggins (Menapians); 5, Stefanie Deegan (S.B.R.); 6, Aoife Walsh (D.M.P.); 7, Doireann Mullally (D.M.P.); 8, Sarah Phylan (Enniscorthy); 9, Crabha Carty (Enniscorthy); 10, Ava Lacey (S.B.R.); 11, Lilly Murray (D.M.P.).

Under-12 girls: 1, Abbie Doyle (Bree); 2, Ruby Reynolds (Menapians); 3, Ava Byrne (Enniscorthy); 4, Cliona Kearney (Menapians); 5, Danielle Stone (D.M.P.); 6, Aoife Byrne (S.B.R.); 7, Cara Kelly (D.M.P.); 8, Niamh Murphy (S.B.R.); 9, Orla Kelly (Taghmon); 10, Katrina Rosca (Menapians); 11, Nyah Nolan (Menapians); 12, Milly Sutton (United Striders); 13, Cora Noonan (United Striders); 14, Ina Mullen (Menapians); 15, Aoife Barry (United Striders); 16, Sarah Assinder (Taghmon); 17, Irene Hanlon (Taghmon); 18, Caoimhe Reville (Taghmon); 19, Sophie Conroy (Menapians); 20, Saibh Rossiter (United Striders).

Under-13 girls: 1, Orlaith Deegan (S.B.R.); 2, Orlaith Byrne (S.B.R.); 3, Ellie O'Mahoney (D.M.P.); 4, Isabel Bawden (United Striders); 5, Josie Mullen (Menapians); 6, Ellie Stafford (D.M.P.); 7, Grace Byrne (S.B.R.); 8, Aine Byrne (Croghan); 9, Aoife Lyng (United Striders).

Under-14 girls: 1, Eimear Halpin (Menapians); 2, Ciara Martin (St. Paul's); 3, Therese Lawless (S.B.R.); 4, Anoushka Nolan (Menapians); 5, Ciara Murphy (United Striders); 6, Trinny Jurisoo (Menapians); 7, Emma O'Leary (Menapians).

Under-15 girls: 1, Erin Shannon (United Striders); 2, Clodagh Foran (United Striders); 3, Eve Byrne (United Striders); 4, Louise Doyle (United Striders); 5, Ciara Dolan (Menapians); 6, Jessica Sutton (United Striders).

Under-16 girls: 1, Róisín O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Maeve Hayes (St. Paul's); 3, April Keeling (Menapians).

Under-8 boys: 1, Shane Laffan (Bree); 2, Archie Rennick (Menapians); 3, Billy Doyle (Bree); 4, Zac Hammell (Menapians); 5, Darragh Grennan (United Striders); 6, Oisín Tyrell (Enniscorthy); 7, Aaron Larkin (Enniscorthy); 8, Adam Burke (United Striders); 9, David Byrne (St. Paul's); 10, Ian Lewis (Menapians); 11, Aidan Wall (Bree); 12, Noah Power (Taghmon); 13, Jesse Murphy (Menapians); 14, Jim Kelly (Menapians); 15, Alfie Codd (St. Paul's); 16, Evan Hall (Croghan); 17, Niall Barry (United Striders); 18, Tadhg Wright (St. Paul's); 19, William O'Rourke (Menapians); 20, Kaiden Cloke (St. Paul's).

Under-9 boys: 1, Jayden Kenny (Bree); 2, Elijah Page-Redmond (St. Paul's); 3, Tomás Brennan (Enniscorthy); 4, Enda Byrne (S.B.R.); 5, P.J. Breen (Bree); 6, Tom Finn (Bree); 7, Jake Sutton (United Striders); 8, Kevin Whelan (D.M.P.); 9, Finn Dwyer (D.M.P.); 10, Aaron Mullally (D.M.P.); 11, James Wall (Bree); 12, Josh Nolan (Menapians); 13, Jack Doyle (Bree); 14, Gearóid Byrne (United Striders); 15, Roan Kavanagh (United Striders); 16, Conor Lacey (S.B.R.); 17, Aidan Bowe (S.B.R.); 18, Orin Naluswa (Menapians); 19, Liam Doyle (Enniscorthy); 20, Sam Devereux (Bree); 21, Jamie Roche (Taghmon).

Under-10 boys: 1, Cian Donovan (Menapians); 2, Tiernan Ruane (Taghmon); 3, Oisín Larkin (Enniscorthy); 4, Mark Banville (Taghmon); 5, Peter Stefanov (St. Paul's); 6, Eanna Grennan (United Striders); 7, Max Murphy (United Striders); 8, Cory Merrigan (Croghan); 9, Conn Fraser (Bree); 10, Ryan Wycherley (Menapians); 11, Darragh Stone (D.M.P.); 12, Jack Brown (Enniscorthy); 12, Rúairí Lyng (United Striders); 12, Conor Meehan (United Striders); 15, Jason Murphy (Menapians); 16, Alex Kehoe (Menapians).

Under-11 boys: 1, Kevin O'Mahoney (D.M.P.); 2, Cian O'Dowd (D.M.P.); 3, Harry Devereux (Bree); 4, Killian Brennan (Enniscorthy); 5, Ronan Shannon (United Striders); 6, Sam Myers (United Striders); 7, Eoin Hannon (United Striders); 8, Rory Goff (Bree); 9, Lucas Page-Redmond (St. Paul's); 10, Shane Devereux (Enniscorthy); 11, Charlie Alfred (United Striders); 12, Eoin Dwyer (D.M.P.); 13, Rúairí McGuinness (Menapians).

Under-12 boys: 1, Rob Sterling (St. Paul's); 2, Seán Lennon (United Striders); 3, Tommaso Hickey (United Striders); 4, Aidan Byrne (Croghan); 5, Patrick Kinsella (S.B.R.); 6, Cathal Bates (Menapians); 7, Conor Wycherley (Menapians); 8, Eoin Kennedy (Menapians); 9, Kevin Phelan (United Striders); 10, Rory Byrne (Menapians).

Under-13 boys: 1, Myles Hewlett (United Striders); 2, Cosmo Hewlett (United Striders); 3, Finn Kelly (United Striders); 4, Darragh Breen (S.B.R.); 5, Eoin Shannon (United Striders); 6, James Whelan (Menapians); 7, Nben Myers (United Striders); 8, Cormac Byrne (S.B.R.); 9, Dannan Long (Enniscorthy); 10, Conor Rossiter (United Striders).

Under-14 boys: 1, Darragh Flannelly (United Striders); 2, Conor Doyle (Bree); 3, Eoin Lennon (United Striders); 4, Jack Byrne (S.B.R.); 5, Seán Barry (United Striders).

Under-15 boys: 1, Nathan Murphy (Menapians); 2, Conor Phelan (United Striders).

Under-16 boys: 1, Aaron Brown (United Striders); 2, Cian Flanagan (United Striders); 3, Adam Leahy (Menapians).

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