Tuesday 15 October 2019

Ferrycarrig bid at crossroads

Some clubs oppose takeover

A section of the stand at Ferrycarrig Park during the recent Wexford Youths game versus Athlone Town
A section of the stand at Ferrycarrig Park during the recent Wexford Youths game versus Athlone Town

Brendan Furlong

The Ferrycarrig Park takeover bid involving the Wexford Football League and the F.A.I. has taken on a whole new impetus, with a growing number of clubs now opposed to the move.

Details were outlined at a meeting of the League Executive and club delegates attended by F.A.I. Chief Executive Officer, John Delaney.

The proposal put to the club delegates was that the Wexford Football League would become shareholders in the move along with the F.A.I., with Delaney also outlining proposals where they (F.A.I.) would buy adjoining lands to develop into a full-sized all-weather floodlit pitch, which would be available to both the Wexford Football League and Wexford Youths.

The proposal put to delegates at their general meeting was that the Wexford Football League would pay €300,000 to the receiver of Ferrycarrig Park, with the remaining €160,000 coming from the F.A.I., with a stipulation that there be an agreement that Mick Wallace would be able buy back the facilities after ten years for €200,000.

But with the legal technicalities still to be sorted, it's now believed that the figure of €460,000 has increased to €470,000 as the Wexford Youths had not paid their rent on the facilities for last season.

With the deadline for closure of the deal now fast approaching, it's believed that the F.A.I. stake would be 51% with the Football League having a 49% stake, leaving the national organisation with a controlling interest when it came to delivering on the Wallace stipulation ten years from the closure of the deal.

The Wexford Football League annual general meeting is scheduled for June 28 with the deal due for closure two days later, June 30, leaving very little room for clubs to manoeuvre.

During the intervening weeks, since the meeting of club delegates and the Football League, five clubs have written to the Wexford Executive seeking more clarification regarding the proposal but have yet to receive back a detailed reply although the cut-off date is fast approaching.

An officer of one of the clubs involved involved issued the following statement:

'Five Wexford Football League clubs are very concerned about the purchase of Ferrycarrig Park because we believe there was insufficient information available to league clubs at the delegate meeting in February to properly consider this proposal.

'We have asked the Wexford Football League to review it with all league clubs involved.

'We are asking that hopefully, before the league annual general meeting at the end of the month, to have the details available to the clubs.

'We do not want to discuss this matter in more detail at the moment in the hope that the Football League will provide the required information.'

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