Tuesday 20 August 2019




Premier Division: New Ross Celtic v North End Utd (6.45, M Franklin).

Division 1: Gorey Rangers v Wexford Bohs (6.45, M Hogan); Ajax Athletic v Campile Utd (6.45, P Nolan); Curracloe v Rosslare Rangers (6.45, K Dunne).

Division 2: Moyne Rangers v Corach Ramblers (6.45, M O'Neill).

Division 3: Blackwater v Tombrack Utd (6.45, L Doyle).

Division 4A: Crossabeg v Ferns Utd (6.30, W Murphy) SUNDAY, MAY 1

Air Con Wexford Cup semi-finals: Forth Celtic v North End at Curracloe (11, M Hogan/N O'Connor/P Rowlands); Campile Utd v Shamrock Rovers at New Ross (2.30, M Comiskey/J O'Neill/M O'Neill).

Carlton Millrace Premier Division: Adamstown v Ferns Utd (11, A Murphy); Duncannon v New Ross Celtic (11, M Franklin).

Carlton Millrace Division 1: Wexford Celtic v Gorey Rangers (11, P Nolan); Curracloe v New Ross Town (2, N Boland); Wexford Bohs v Bridge Rovers (11, K Dunne).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: Cloughbawn v Crossabeg (11, J Doyle); St. Joseph's v Taghmon (11, S Kelly); Enniscorthy Utd v Gorey Rangers (11, S Vardy); Corach Ramblers v Stoney Rovers (11, J Kelly); Moyne Rangers v Gorey Celtic (11, D Donovan).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Shelburne v Shamrock Rovers (11, G Cleary); New Ross Celtic v Rosslare Strand (11, B Martin).

Division 3: Tombrack Utd v North End Utd (2, J Wafer); Forth Celtic v Courtown Hibs (2, J Diskin); Killenagh v Blackwater (11, M Colfer).

Division 3A: Adamstown v Curracloe (1, B Murphy); Moyne Rangers v Coolgreany Celtic (11, B Fenlon).

Division 4: Castledockrell v Gorey Rangers (2, W Murphy).

Division 4A: Park Hotspur v Ajax Athletic (11, R Dwyer); Ferns Utd v Fastnet Rovers (3, G O'Brien); Caim Utd v Moyne Rangers (11, D Ennis).

Division 5: Castledockrell v Orrill Utd (12, M Rellis); Tombrack Utd v Rosslare Port (12, W Peare).

Division 5 title play-off: At Horetown, Bridge Rovers v Rosbercon (2, R Murphy). WEDNESDAY, MAY 4

Premier Division: New Ross Celtic v Shamrock Rovers (6.45, D Donovan). THURSDAY, MAY 5

Division 1: Campile Utd v Gorey Rangers (7, N O'Connor). YOUTH FIXTURES WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27

Youth Division 3: Camolin Celtic v Courtown Hibs (6.30, G. Cleary). SATURDAY, APRIL 30

Premier Division: Wexford Youths v Wexford Bohs (11, J Glynn).

Division 1: North End Utd v Rathnure (12, P Nolan); Adamstown v New Ross Celtic (11, B Fenlon).

Division 2: Bridge Rovers v Moyne Rangers (2, M Hogan).

Division 3: Gorey Celtic v Caim Utd (11, J Wafer); Bree Utd v Courtown Hibs (11, M Rellis); Ajax Athletic v Camolin Celtic (11, G Cleary).

Division 4: Shelburne v Crossabeg (2, F Sinnott). MONDAY, MAY 2

Premier Division: Wexford Bohs v Moyne Rangers (4, M Franklin); Cloughbawn v Shamrock Rovers (4, C Murphy).

Division 1: New Ross Celtic v Rathnure (4, R Dwyer).

Division 3: Tombrack Utd v Caim Utd (4, W Murphy). ADULT RESULTS SUNDAY, APRIL 24

Gwyn Jones Cup final: Boolavogue 0, Fastnet Rovers 3.

Carlton Millrace Premier Division: North End 6, Bunclody 1; Park Hotspur 0, Ferns Utd 1; Forth Celtic 5, Courtown Hibs 4.

Carlton Millrace Division 1: New Ross Town 1, Gorey Rangers 0; Bridge Rovers 3, Wexford Bohs 1.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: St Josephs 2, Moyne Rangers 5; Gorey Rangers 0, Taghmon Utd 2; Crossabeg 2 (Peter Kehoe, Robert Corish), Stoney Rovers 2.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Cushinstown 2, Rosslare Strand 0; Bunclody 1, Shamrock Rovers 7; Ferns Utd 3, Shelburne 4.

Division 3: Killenagh 1, Tombrack Utd 1; Blackwater 2, Forth Celtic 1; North End 4, Bree 1.

Division 3A: Gorey Celtic 2, Adamstown 1; Enniscorthy Utd 4, St. Michael's 0.

Division 4: Camolin Celtic 2, Taghmon Utd 0 (w.o. to Camolin); Shamrock Rovers 2, Gorey Rangers 0.

Division 4A: St. Leonards 2 (Tom Cadogan, Robert Browne), Ajax Athletic 0; Caim Utd 5, Stoney Rovers 3.

Division 5: Castledockrell 0, Rosslare Port 2; Rosbercon 4, Tombrack Utd 1; Bridge Rovers 5, Curracloe Utd 1. SATURDAY, APRIL 23

FAI Junior Cup semi-final: New Ross Celtic 1, St. Michael's 4 (a.e.t).

Division 1: Campile Utd 5, St. Cormac's 0.

Division 2A: New Ross Celtic 3, Rosslare Rangers 0. FRIDAY, APRIL 22

Division 3A: St. Joseph's 1, Ballindaggin 1.

Division 4A: Crossabeg 4, Shelburne 1.

Division 5: Cloughbawn 5, Castledockrell 0. THURSDAY, APRIL 21

Division 1: Gorey Rangers 2, All Blacks 1. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20

Premier Division: North End 0, Adamstown 0.

Division 1: Ajax Athletic 0, Wexford Bohs 4; St. Cormac's 1, Curracloe U 6.

Division 2: Enniscorthy Town 1, Gorey Celtic 3; Crossabeg 0, Moyne Rangers 3.

Division 2A: Cushinstown 1, Bunclody 2.

Division 3: Tombrack Utd 3, Killenagh 0.

Division 3A: Coolgreany Celtic 6, St. Michael's 1.

Division 4A: St. Leonards 3, Shelburne 2. TUESDAY, APRIL 19

Division 1: Gorey Rangers 2, Bridge Rovers 1; Campile Utd 4, Rosslare Rangers 3.

Division 4A: Fastnet Rovers 6, Crossabeg 0. YOUTH RESULTS SATURDAY, APRIL 23

Premier Division: Moyne Rangers 4, Cloughbawn 2; Gorey Rangers 11, Bunclody 1.

Division 1: Forth Celtic 6, Kilmore Utd 4; Park Hotspur 2, Adamstown 0 (w.o. to Hotspur)

Division 2: Killenagh 2, Rosslare Rangers 1; St. Joseph's 0, Bridge Rovers 0

Division 3: Gorey Celtic 2, Bree Utd 3; Tombrack 4, Ajax Athletic 1; Ferns Utd 1, Caim Utd 2.

Division 4: All Blacks 1, Rosbercon 3; Crossabeg 6, Rosslare Strand 1; Fethard Rangers 7 (John Tubritt 2, Conan Murphy 2, Andrew Whelan 2, Graham O'Grady), Campile Utd 1. SCHOOLBOYS FIXTURES TUESDAY, APRIL 26

U-14 Cup: Rosslare Rangers v Moyne Rangers (7, N O'Connor); New Ross Celtic v Forth Celtic (7, K Dunne); Fethard v Courtown (7, Y O'Neill); Gorey Rangers v Bree (7, J Weafer).

U-14 Division 4: Gorey Rangers 2nd v North End 2nd (7, B Whelan); Castledockrell v Gorey Rangers 3rd (7, J Doyle).

U-10 Division 2 North: Castledockrell v Tombrack (6, J Doyle). THURSDAY, APRIL 28

U-12 Division 1: Courtown v New Ross Celtic (7, J Wafer).

U-16 Division 1: Curracloe v North End (6.45, J Kelly). SATURDAY, APRIL 30

U-12 Cup quarter-final: Killenagh v Rosslare Rangers (12.30, S Vardy); Crossabeg v Wexford Albion (11, W Murphy).

U-16 Division 2: Crossabeg v Bunclody (11, M Comiskey).

U-16 Division 3: Tombrack v Campile (12.30, W Peare).

U-16 Cup semi-final: Shamrock Rovers v St Josephs (12.30, N Boland).

U-15 Inter-League All-Ireland semifinal: Wexford v Cork in Curracloe (1, K Dunne, B Fenlon, M Kelly).

U-10 Division 1 South: North End v St. Leonards (1, P Nolan); Wexford Albion v Crossabeg (11, J Colfer); New Ross Celtic v Rosslare Rangers (11, A Tobin); Rosslare Strand v Taghmon (11, M Kelly).

U-10 Division 2 South: New Ross Town v Campile 2nd (11, Y O'Neill).

U-10 Division 4 South: Wexford Albion 4th v Crossabeg 3rd (11.45, J Colfer).

U-10 Division 1 North: St. Cormac's v Gorey Celtic (11, J Fortune); Gorey Rangers v Ferns (11, B Whelan).

U-10 Division 2 North: Gorey Rangers 2nd v Killenagh (11.45, B Whelan).

U-10 Division 3 North: Enniscorthy Town v Gorey Rangers 3rd (11, J Doyle); St. Cormac's 2nd v Gorey Celtic 2nd (11.45, J Fortune); Gorey Rangers 4th v Moyne Rangers 3rd (12.30, B Whelan).

U-14 Division 1: North End v All Blacks (11, M Colfer): New Ross Celtic v Curracloe (12, A Tobin); Crossabeg v Gorey Rangers (11, J Harpur); Adamstown v Moyne Rangers (1, B Fenlon).

U-14 Division 2: St. Leonards v Bunclody (12, M Comiskey); Corach v Forth Celtic (11, D O'Connor).

U-14 Division 3: Campile v Caim (12, J Diskin); Taghmon v Bree (11, G Morris); Fastnet v Gorey Celtic (12, N O'Connor); Tombrack v Killenagh (11, M Armstrong).

U-14 Division 4: Gorey Rangers 3rd v Wexford Albion 3rd (11, P Quirke); North End 2nd v Castledockrell (12.30, M Colfer); Blackwater v Moyne Rangers 3rd (11, A Foley); Crossabeg 2nd v Wexford Albion 2nd (12.30, J Harpur). TUESDAY, MAY 3

U-16 Division 2 play-off: All Blacks v Forth Celtic at Wexford Celtic's pitch (6 45, K Dunne, extra-time and penalties).

U-10 Division 1 South: Rosslare Rangers v Wexford Albion 2nd (7, J Harpur); Campile v Wexford Albion (7, J Diskin); Rosslare Strand v North End (7, D O'Connor); Forth Celtic v Crossabeg (6, A Foley).

U-10 Division 3 North: Gorey Celtic 2nd v Gorey Rangers 3rd (7, G O'Brien); Courtown 3rd v Enniscorthy Town (7, P Quirke).

U-14 Division 1: Ferns v New Ross Celtic (7, S Vardy); Moyne Rangers v Curracloe (7, W Murphy); North End v Wexford Albion (7, P Nolan); Courtown v Gorey Rangers (7, J Weafer).

U-14 Division 2: Forth Celtic v St. Leonards (7, A Foley); Rosslare Rangers v Rosslare Strand (7, M Kelly); Shelburne v Bunclody (7, M Rellis).

U-14 Division 3: Bridge Rovers v Taghmon (7, M Armstrong); Cloughbawn v Killenagh (7, K Dunne); Tombrack v Camolin (7, B Whelan).

U-14 Division 4: Fethard v Wexford Albion 2nd (7, l Doyle); Gorey Rangers 3rd v Gorey Celtic 2nd (7, M Franklin); Moyne Rangers 2nd v Wexford Albion 3rd (7, N O'Connor); Oylegate v North End 2nd (7, M Comiskey). SATURDAY, MAY 7

U-12 Cup semi-final: Gorey Rangers v Killenagh or Rosslare Rangers (2.30, G. O'Brien); Crossabeg or Wexford Albion v St. Cormac#s (2 pm).

U-16 Cup semi-final: New Ross v All Blacks (2.30, N O'Connor).

U-16 Division 3: St. Joseph's v Wexford Celtic (TBA, J Weafer).

U-16 Division 4: Killenagh v Stoney Rovers (TBA).

U-10 Division 1 North: Gorey Rangers v Courtown (TBA).

U-10 Division 3 North: Gorey Celtic v Enniscorthy Utd (TBA).

U-10 Division 1 South: North End v Campile (TBA); Wexford Albion 2nd v Taghmon (TBA): Wexford Albion v Rosslare Rangers (TBA).

U-14 Division 1: Moyne Rangers v Ferns (TBA): Courtown v Wexford Albion (TBA): Adamstown v Gorey Rangers (TBA).

U-14 Division 2: Forth Celtic v Bunclody (TBA).

U-14 Division 3: Fastnet v Tombrack (TBA); Camolin v Bree (TBA); Duncannon v Gorey Celtic (TBA); Taghmon v Cloughbawn (TBA).

U-14 Division 4: Fethard v Gorey Rangers 2nd (TBA); Gorey Rangers 3rd v Forth Celtic 2nd (TBA); Gorey Celtic 2nd v North End 2nd (TBA). TUESDAY, MAY 10

U-10 Cup semi-final: Shamrock Rovers v Caim (TBA); North End v Shelburne (TBA). U-14 Cup semi-finals: TBA. U-14 Division 2: Forth Celtic v Rosslare Strand (TBA).

U-14 Division 3: Campile v Taghmon (TBA); Killenagh v Camolin (TBA).

U-14 Division 4: Gorey Rangers 3rd v Crossabeg 2nd (TBA). FRIDAY, MAY 13

U-14 Division 1: Courtown v New Ross Celtic (TBA); Gorey Rangers v Curracloe (TBA).

U-14 Division 4: Gorey Rangers 3rd v Wexford Albion 2nd (TBA). SATURDAY, MAY 14

Both U-12 and U-16 Cup finals (venue to be decided). TUESDAY, MAY 17

U-14 Division 1: Gorey Rangers v New Ross Celtic (TBA). SATURDAY, MAY 21


U-12 Division 1: Moyne 3, Wexford Albion 5; Gorey Rangers 6, Forth Celtic 0.

U-12 Division 4 runners-up play-off: Killenagh 3, Bridge Rovers 0.

U-14 Division 1: Moyne Rangers 3, North End 0; Adamstown 0, Courtown 4.

U-14 Division 2: Bunclody 1, Corach

0; Shelburne 1, Rathnure 3; Kilmore 3, Wexford Celtic 3; St. Joseph's 6, St. Cormac's 3; Rosslare Rangers 5, Rosslare Strand 0.

U-16 Division 1: Kilmore 0, Shamrock

Rovers 4.


U-10 Cup quarter-finals: Shamrock Rovers 2, Taghmon 1.

U-14 Division 3: Taghmon 8, Fastnet



U-10 Cup quarter-finals: Wexford Albion 0, North End 3; Caim 2, Crossabeg 1; Shelburne 4, Gorey Celtic 2.

U-14 Division 4: Gorey Rangers 3rd 6, Wexford Albion 2nd 3; Crossabeg 1, Moyne Rangers 3rd 6; Blackwater 0, Fethard 1.

U-16 Cup quarter-final: Rathnure 1, New Ross Celtic 4. SATURDAY, APRIL 23

U-14 Division 1: Crossabeg 1, New Ross Celtic 6.

U-14 Division 2: Rosslare Strand 1, St. Joseph's 1.

U-14 Division 4: Wexford Albion 2nd 5, Wexford Albion 3rd 5. LADIES' FIXTURES TUESDAY, APRIL 26

U-12 Division 2B: Kilmore United v Rosslare Rangers (6.30).

U-16 Division 1: Seaview United v Adamstown (5.30). WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27

U-10 Cup semi-final: Kilmore United v Gorey Celtic (6.30).

U-10 Division 2B: Courtown Hibs v All Blacks.

U-12 Premier Division: Bree United v Campile United (5.30).

Women's Premier Division: Curracloe United v Adamstown (6.45). SATURDAY, APRIL 30

U-10 Premier Division: Ballindaggin v Fastnet Rovers; St. Joseph's v Curracloe United.

U-10 Division 2B: Gorey Celtic v Tombrack United.

U-10 Division 3: Cloughbawn v Wexford Celtic; Taghmon United v Gorey Celtic B.

U-14 Inter-League Tournament: (One day blitz with teams from Wexford, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Kilkenny). Venue: Bunclody AFC. Kick-off: 11 a.m. SUNDAY, MAY 1

Women's Premier Division: Curracloe United v Ferns United (11.00); Kilmore United v Benfica (11.00).

Women's Division 1: Glen Celtic v Enniscorthy Town (11.00); Slaney Rovers v Seaview United (11.00); All Blacks v Tramore FC (11.00).

Women's Division 2A: Taghmon United v Tombrack United (11.00).

Women's Division 2B: Campile United v Shillelagh United (11.00); Rosslare Rangers v Moyne Rangers (11.00). LADIES' RESULTS

U-10 Cup semi-final: Curracloe United 3, Fastnet Rovers 0.

U-10 Division 2B: Tombrack United 2, Camolin Celtic 0.

U-10 Division 3: Glen Celtic 0, Taghmon United 2.

U-12 Cup semi-final: Killenagh Wanderers 1, Shelburne 2.

U-12 Division 2B: Kilmore United 3, All Blacks 1.

U-12 Division 3: Bridge Rovers B 2, St Josephs B 2.

U-14 Premier Division: Ferns United 1, Shelburne 4; Bree United 4, St. Joseph's 1.

U-14 Division 1: Forth Celtic 2, Campile United 1.

U-14 Division 2: Moyne Rangers 0, Seaview United 4; Seaview United 5, Tombrack United 0; Bunclody AFC 5, Fastnet Rovers 0.

Ger Dunne U-16 Cup semi-final: North End United 3, Kilmore United 2.

U-16 Premier Division: Bunclody AFC 1, St. Cormac's 2.

Women's Premier Division: North End United 1, Killenagh Wanderers 3.

Women's Division 1: Enniscorthy Town 3, All Blacks 0.

Women's Division 2A: Forth Celtic 1, Tombrack United 5.

Michelle Coleman Cup semi-finals: Tramore FC 3, Seaview United 1; St. Cormac's 3, Enniscorthy Town 1.

Boland Carpets Cup semi-finals: Fastnet Rovers 1, Wexford Celtic 7; Shelburne 8, Taghmon United 2.

Etchingham Cup semi-finals: Shillelagh United 2, Courtown Hibs 0; Rosslare Rangers 0, Castledockrell United 3.

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