Monday 16 September 2019

Soccer results and fixtures

Wexford Albion Under-15s. Back (from left): Richie Busher (management), Ryan Busher, Ben McMahon, Tiernan McGuire, Luke Hebblethwaite, Andrew Smith, Aaron Kinsella, Andrew Doyle, Lee Moran, Cian Rossiter, Andrew Butler (management). Front (from left): Niall Doyle, David Tennant, John Winters, Max Barnes, Dara Lawlor, Dylan Breen
Wexford Albion Under-15s. Back (from left): Richie Busher (management), Ryan Busher, Ben McMahon, Tiernan McGuire, Luke Hebblethwaite, Andrew Smith, Aaron Kinsella, Andrew Doyle, Lee Moran, Cian Rossiter, Andrew Butler (management). Front (from left): Niall Doyle, David Tennant, John Winters, Max Barnes, Dara Lawlor, Dylan Breen
Adamstown Under-12s. Back (from left): T.J. McDonald (management), Cormac Byrne, Conor Whelan, Nathan O’Brien, Diarmuid Murphy, Tadhg McDonald, Gavin O’Dowd, Mossy Walsh (management). Front (from left): Matthew O’Neill, Paddy Doyle, Tomás Jackman, Cian Walsh, Seán Woods, Cathal Doyle
Wexford Albion Under-14s. Back (from left): Chris Berry (manager), Jordan Farrell, Keith Hall, Geoff Maher, Craig Kehoe, Sam McQuaid, Colm Wilson (assistant manager). Front (from left): Matthew Rossiter, Ryan Warren, Cian Lynch, Stephen Goodison, Charlie Carty, Luke Crosbie, Dylan Fowler
Duncannon Under-13s. Back (from left): Jack Nolan, Finn Burke, Josh White-Keating, Calum Cullen, Keelan Foley, Sam Wallace, Alfie Eite, Stephen Clarke, Ben Furlong, Pádraig Barron. Front (from left): Mike Hodman, Mark Whitty, Darragh Mc Phillips, Cameron Kenny, Tomás Barron, Rory Lynch, Colm Fitzgerald, Brian Cooke, Conor Clarke

Adult results - L.F.A. Junior Cup fifth round: North End United 4, Tolka Rovers 0; Tullamore Town 3, Moyne Rangers 1 (AET).

Premier Division: Campile United 4, Wexford Bohemians 0; Curracloe United 3, St. Leonards 1; Kilmore United 3, Shamrock Rovers 2.

Division 1: Rosslare Strand 2, Shelburne 3; Rosslare Rangers 4, Taghmon United 2; Wexford Celtic 0, Bunclody 2.

Division 2: Bridge Rovers 3, Gorey Celtic 2; Crossabeg 2, Enniscorthy Town 2; Shamrock Rovers 2, St. Cormac's 2; St. Joseph's 2, Cloughbawn 0.

Division 2A: Enniscorthy United 2, Fethard Rangers 1; Gorey Rangers 2, Rathnure 1; Corach Ramblers 5, Ferns United 1.

Division 3: Camolin Celtic 2, Castledockrell 2; Oylegate United 3, Coolgreany Celtic 6; Rosbercon 1, Cushinstown 2; Fastnet Rovers 2, Raheen F.C. 2; Bree United 4, Caim United 1.

Division 3A: Kilmore United 1, Shamrock Rovers 3; Campile United 1, Ballymurn Celtic 0; Rosslare Port 7, Boolavogue 0; Wexford Celtic 1, Bunclody 3.

Division 4: Gorey Celtic 2, Ballagh 4; Rosbercon 5, Adamstown 4; Enniscorthy United 2, Enniscorthy Town 0; Moyne Rangers 1, Shelburne 2; Rosslare Rangers 1, Orrill United 1.

Division 4A: Ajax Athletic 0, Ferns United 2; Bridge Rovers 5, Corach Ramblers 0; Curracloe United 5, St. Leonards 1; Forth Celtic 3, Castledockrell 1; St. Joseph's 2, Cloughbawn 2.

Division 5: Duncannon 2, Rosslare Strand 1.

Neil O'Sullivan Cup first round: New Ross Celtic 'B' 1, Killenagh Wanderers 1 (Celtic won 4-1 on penalties); Tombrack United 3, Stoney Rovers 2 (AET); Forth Celtic 'B' 0, Forth Celtic 1.

Gwyn Jones Cup first round: Carne F.C. 4, Caim United 'B' 0; St. Cormac's 'B' 0, Courtown Hibs 'B' 1.

Wexford Cup first round: Duncannon 0, North End United 'C' 1; Crossabeg 'B' 2, Rosslare Port 'B' 3.

Adult fixtures

SUN. JAN. 25

Wexford Cup first round: Forth Celtic v. Killenagh Wanderers 'B'; Crossabeg 'B' v. Rosslare Port 'B'.

Wexford Cup second round: Rosslare Rangers v. Cushinstown; Fastnet Rovers v. Adamstown; Tombrack United v. Courtown Hibs; Wexford Celtic v. Wexford Bohemians; New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Celtic; Ferns United v. Curracloe United 'B'; Bunclody v. Stoney Rovers; Kilmore United v. Castledockrell; Bridge Rovers 'B' v. Taghmon United 'B'; Caim United v. Corach Ramblers; Killenagh Wanderers v. North End United; Corach Ramblers 'B' v. St. Cormac's; New Ross Celtic 'B' v. Rosslare Rangers 'B'; Cloughbawn v. Rosslare Strand; Camolin Celtic v. Rosslare Port; Ballagh v. Rosslare Strand 'B'; New Ross Town v. Fethard Rangers; North End United 'B' v. Oylegate United; Enniscorthy United v. Gorey Rangers.

Premier Division: Campile United v. Moyne Rangers; North End United v. Curracloe United.

Division 2: St. Cormac's v. Crossabeg; Shamrock Rovers v. Enniscorthy Town; Bridge Rovers v. Duncannon.

Division 2A: Ferns United v. Moyne Rangers; Forth Celtic v. Rathnure.

Division 3: Crossabeg v. Coolgreany Celtic; Raheen F.C. v. Rosbercon.

Division 3A: Wexford Celtic v. Boolavogue; Ballymurn Celtic v. New Ross Celtic; Shamrock Rovers v. Kilmore United.

Division 4: Gorey Celtic v. Shelburne; Moyne Rangers v. Rosbercon; Orrill United v. Enniscorthy Town.

Division 4A: Cloughbawn v. St. Leonards; St. Joseph's v. Ajax Athletic; Corach Ramblers v. Ferns United.

Division 5: Duncannon v. Rosslare Port; Camolin Celtic v. Caim United.

The local derby in the L.F.A. Junior Cup fourth round between North End United and Wexford Youths has been fixed for Hollygrove on Sunday, February 22, at 2.30 p.m.

Meanwhile, North End will be at home to either Listowel from Kerry or Crettyard of Laois in the last 16 of the F.A.I. Junior Cup.

Youth results

F.A.I. Youth Cup third round: Wexford Youths 5, Tramore F.C. 3.

L.F.A. Youth Cup second round: Duncannon 0, Rosenallis F.C. 3.

Youth fixtures

SAT. JAN. 24

Wexford Youth Cup first round: Cloughbawn v. Forth Celtic (11.00); Bunclody v. St. Leonards (2.00); North End United v. Bree United 'B' (11.00); Duncannon v. New Ross Celtic (2.00); Gorey Rangers v. Fethard Rangers (2.00); Wexford Bohemians v. Bree United (11.00); Courtown Hibs v. Rathnure (11.00); Oylegate v. Oylegate 'B' (11.00); Blackwater v. Moyne Rangers (11.00).

Division 2: Moyne Rangers v. New Ross Town (2.00); Adamstown v. Wexford Albion (11.00).

Division 3: Curracloe United v. Tombrack United (11.00); Killenagh Wanderers v. Courtown Hibs (2.00).

Division 4: Kilmore United v. Wexford Bohemians (11.00); Bunclody v. Taghmon United (12.00); Forth Celtic v. Gorey Rangers (11.00).

Women's results Wexford Cup first round: Ferns United 9, New Ross Town 0; Coolgreany Celtic 1, East End United 4; Killenagh Wanderers 6, Castledockrell United 0; Taghmon United 1, St. Cormac's 0; Rosslare Rangers 1, North End United 10; Corach Ramblers 0, Adamstown 3; Seaview United 'B' 4, Fastnet Rovers 0; Bree United 8, Tombrack United 2; St. Joseph's 0, Moyne Rangers 4; Seaview United 4, All Blacks 0; Camolin Celtic 3, Benfica 3 (AET, Benfica won on penalties); Rosslare Strand 1, Cloughbawn 'B' 2; Ajax Athletic 2, Cushinstown A.F.C. 1.

Division 1: Cloughbawn 3, Kilmore United 5.

Division 2A: Courtown Hibs 0, St. Leonards 6.

Women's fixtures

SUN. JAN. 25

Premier Division: Seaview United v. Benfica (11.00); Adamstown v. Ferns United (2.00); Killenagh Wanderers v. North End United (11.00).

Division 1 (11.00): New Ross Town v. Taghmon United; Castledockrell United v. Coolgreany Celtic; Kilmore United v. St. Joseph's.

Division 2A: Courtown Hibs v. Cloughbawn 'B' (11.00); Corach Ramblers v. Camolin Celtic (2.00); Bree United v. Bunclody A.F.C. (2.00).

Division 2B: Rosslare Rangers v. Moyne Rangers (11.00); Fastnet Rovers v. Tombrack United (2.00); St. Cormac's v. Ajax Athletic (2.00); Seaview United 'B' v. Cushinstown A.F.C. (1.00).

S girls results

Under-10 Cup first round: Cloughbawn 7, Seaview United Yellow 2.

Under-10 North: Gorey Rangers 6, Cloughbawn 3.

Under-12 Cup first round: Moyne Rangers 4, Courtown Hibs 'B' 1; Wexford Youths 0, Seaview United 0 (Youths won on penalties); Kilmore United 1, Bunclody 0; Campile United 2, Seaview United 'B' 0; Cloughbawn 0, Corach Ramblers 4; St. Joseph's 4, Gorey Rangers 3 (after extra-time); New Ross Town 7, New Ross Celtic 1; Taghmon United 3, Adamstown 2 (AET); Courtown Hibs 3, North End United 2.

Under-12 Division 3: Gorey Rangers 0, St. Leonards 'B' 4.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup first round: Bridge Rovers 2, North End United 0; Gorey Rangers 3, New Ross Town 1.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup second round: Kilmore United 0, Curracloe United 7; Cloughbawn 10, St. Joseph's 0; Bree United 1, All Blacks 0 (AET); St. Leonards 0, Wexford Celtic 1; Gorey Rangers 'B' 8, Moyne Rangers 1.

Under-16 Division 2: Seaview United 4, Cloughbawn 'B' 0.

S girls fixtures

SAT. JAN. 24

Under-10 Cup first round: Moyne Rangers v. Rosslare Strand; Gorey Rangers v. Campile United; Rosslare Rangers v. Bunclody A.F.C.; All Blacks v. St. Leonards; Ballindaggin v. Wexford Youths; Courtown Hibs v. Seaview United Blue; St. Cormac's v. Adamstown; Corach Ramblers v. Cushinstown A.F.C.

Under-10 Premier Division: Kilmore United v. Curracloe United.

Under-10 North: Tombrack United v. St. Joseph's.

Under-10 East: Taghmon United v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-10 South-West: New Ross Town v. New Ross Celtic; Seaview United Yellow v. St. Leonards.

Under-14 Cup first round: Corach Ramblers v. Tombrack United; St. Joseph's v. New Ross Town; Seaview United v. Wexford Youths.

Under-14 Premier Division: Ballindaggin v. Cloughbawn A.F.C.; Bunclody A.F.C. v. Curracloe United.

Under-14 Division 1: St. Leonards v. Courtown Hibs; Gorey Rangers v. Campile United.

Under-14 Division 2: Wexford Celtic v. Camolin Celtic; New Ross Celtic v. Shelburne A.F.C.

Under-18 League: Killenagh Wanderers v. Curracloe United; Coolboy Rangers v. Arklow Town; Cloughbawn A.F.C. v. Bridge Rovers.

Table quiz

A reminder that the Wexford Women's and Schoolgirls League will be holding a monster table quiz in the Talbot Hotel, Wexford, on Friday, February 6, with €1,000 available in prize money.

A table of four costs €50, and please pre-book on 087-6379708 to guarantee your table.

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