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Soccer results and fixtures

Schoolboys results - S.F.A.I. Skechers Under-12 Cup second round: Wexford Albion 2, Freebooters 1; Carrick United 2, Gorey Celtic 1; Cahir Park 4, Curracloe United 0.

Under-12 Division 1 2004: Bridge Rovers 0, All Blacks 5; Wexford Celtic 3, Forth Celtic 1; St. Joseph's 0, Gorey Rangers 0.

Under-12 Division 1A 2004: Moyne Rangers 3, North End United 2; New Ross Celtic 1, St. Leonards 1.

Under-12 Division 2 2004: Adamstown 5, Courtown Hibs 0; Shamrock Rovers 4, New Ross Town 2; St. Cormac's 2, Fethard Rangers 5; Campile United 0, Rosslare Rangers 2.

Under-12 Division 2A 2004: Ferns United 2, Wexford Albion 'B' 2; Shelburne United 4, Fastnet Rovers 1; Bunclody v. Corach Ramblers (off).

Under-12 Division 3 2004: Gorey Rangers 'B' 0, Forth Celtic 'B' 4; Gorey Celtic 'B' 3, Kilmore United 7; Oylegate United 5, Killenagh Wanderers 1; Tombrack United v. Rathnure United (off).

Under-12 Division 3A 2004: Bree United 4, St. Joseph's 'B' 3; Camolin Celtic 1, Glynn Barntown 'B' 2; Ballymurn Celtic 4, Wexford Celtic 'B' 0.

S.F.A.I. Skechers Under-14 Cup second round: Curracloe United 0, Clerihan 2.

Under-14 Division 1 2002: North End United 5, St. Leonards 1; Forth Celtic 1, Gorey Rangers 3; Moyne Rangers 0, Blackwater 3.

Under-14 Division 1A 2002: Bree United 2, Wexford Albion 2; New Ross Celtic v. Corach Ramblers (off); Campile United 1, St. Joseph's 1.

Under-14 Division 2 2002: Ballymurn Celtic 3, Adamstown 1; Bridge Rovers 4, Duncannon 5; Wexford Celtic 1, Gorey Celtic 0.

Under-14 Division 2A 2002: Gorey Rangers 'B' 3, Glynn Barntown 5; St. Cormac's 1, Cloughbawn 2; Shamrock Rovers 1, Camolin Celtic 3.

Under-14 Division 3 2002: Enniscorthy Town v. Wexford Albion 'B' (off); New Ross Town 1, Shelburne United 5; Tombrack United v. Kilmore United (off).

Under-14 Division 3A 2002: Fastnet Rovers 3, Ferns United 5; New Ross Celtic 'B' 3, Bunclody 3.

S.F.A.I. Skechers Under-16 Cup second round: Moyne Rangers 1, Thomastown United 4.

Under-16 Division 1 2000: Bunclody 1, Ferns United 3; Wexford Albion 3, Gorey Rangers 1.

Under-16 Division 2 2000: New Ross Celtic 4, St. Leonards 2; Rosslare Rangers 1, Wexford Celtic 2; Shelburne United 7, St. Joseph's 2; Taghmon United 0, Shamrock Rovers 1.

Under-16 Division 3 2000: Bridge Rovers 6, Newpark United 1; Gorey Celtic 6, Kilmore United 0; Killenagh Wanderers 7, Wexford Albion 'B' 0.

Schoolboys fixtures

SAT. OCT. 17

Under-9 Group A 2007 (10.00): Curracloe United v. Wexford Celtic; Glynn Barntown v. Forth Celtic; Wexford Albion v. Bridge Rovers; North End United idle.

Under-9 Group B 2007 (10.00): All Blacks v. Rosslare Strand; Corach Ramblers v. Adamstown; Oylegate United v. Fastnet Rovers; Taghmon United v. Rosslare Rangers.

Under-9 Group C 2007 (10.00): Campile United v. St. Leonards; New Ross Celtic v. Duncannon; New Ross Town v. Cushinstown; Shelburne United v. A.F.C. Legia.

Under-9 Group D 2007 (10.00): Caim United v. Bree United; Rathnure United v. Moyne Rangers; St. Cormac's v. Shamrock Rovers; Enniscorthy Town idle.

Under-9 Group E 2007 (10.00): Ballagh United v. Gorey Rangers; Bunclody v. Tombrack United; Courtown Hibs v. Newpark United; Gorey Celtic v. Ferns United; St. Joseph's v. Camolin Celtic.

Under-11 Division 1 2005: Gorey Rangers v. St. Joseph's (11.00, M. Kenny); Wexford Albion v. Bridge Rovers (1.30, J. Kelly); Wexford Celtic v. All Blacks (11.00, H. Morris); Forth Celtic idle.

Under-11 Division 1A 2005: Duncannon v. Gorey Celtic (1.30, E. Molloy); New Ross Celtic v. Moyne Rangers (11.30, M. Kent); North End United v. Glynn Barntown (11.00, N. O'Connor); Rosslare Strand v. New Ross Town (2.30, B. Hennessy).

Under-11 Division 2 2005: A.F.C. Legia v. Blackwater (12.30, L. Doyle); Enniscorthy Town v. St. Cormac's (11.00, M. Colfer); Rosslare Rangers v. Courtown Hibs (11.30, G. Jones); Shamrock Rovers v. Adamstown (11.00, E. Cahill).

Under-11 Division 2A 2005: Corach Ramblers v. Caim United (11.00, P. O'Rourke); Curracloe United v. Bunclody (11.00, J. O'Neill); Fastnet Rovers v. Cloughbawn (11.00, D. Campion); Shelburne United v. Ferns United (1.30, A. Tobin).

Under-11 Division 3 2005: Camolin Celtic v. Forth Celtic 'B' (2.00, P. Nolan); Gorey Rangers 'B' v. Ballymurn Celtic (12.00, M. Kenny); Tombrack United v. Newpark United (11.00, S. Hadley); Wexford Celtic 'B' v. Oylegate United (1.30, D. Gaul).

Under-11 Division 3A 2005: Adamstown 'B' v. St. Joseph's 'B' (11.00, F. Sinnott); Ajax Athletic v. New Ross Town 'B' (11.00, N. Whelan); Curracloe United 'B' v. New Ross Celtic 'B' (12.30, J. O'Neill); Forth Celtic 'C' v. Cushinstown (11.00, D. Egan).

S.F.A.I. Under-13 Cup third round (12.30): Ferrybank v. Gorey Rangers.

Under-13 Division 1 2003: North End United v. Forth Celtic (11.30, M. Kelly); St. Leonards v. Bridge Rovers (1.00, J. Cleere); St. Cormac's idle.

Under-13 Division 1A 2003: Adamstown v. Duncannon (12.30, F. Sinnott); Moyne Rangers v. Gorey Celtic (1.00, M. Franklin); Wexford Albion v. Enniscorthy Town (12.30, H. Morris).

Under-12 Division 2 2003 (1.00): Glynn Barntown v. New Ross Celtic (A. Foley); New Ross Town v. All Blacks (R. Dwyer); Wexford Celtic v. Courtown Hibs (M. Comiskey); St. Joseph's idle.

Under-12 Division 2A 2003: Gorey Celtic 'B' v. Corach Ramblers (1.30, K. Dunne); Newpark United v. Bree United (11.00, P. Redmond); Rosslare Strand v. Glynn Barntown 'B' (1.00, B. Hennessy); St. Joseph's 'B' v. Cloughbawn (3.00, J. Doyle).

S.F.A.I. Under-15 Cup second round: Ferrybank v. Gorey Rangers (3.00); North End United v. Villa (1.30, N. O'Connor).

Under-15 Division 1 2001: Taghmon United v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Stafford); Wexford Albion v. Moyne Rangers (2.00, M. Hogan).

Under-15 Division 1A 2001 (2.30): St. Leonards v. Ferns United (R. Murphy); Blackwater v. Camolin Celtic and Gorey Rangers 'B' v. Cloughbawn on Sunday, October 18, times TBC.

Under-15 Division 2 2001: New Ross Celtic v. Campile United (1.00, J. Diskin); Rathnure United v. St. Cormac's (11.00, W. Murphy); Shamrock Rovers v. Wexford Celtic (12.30, E. Cahill); Bunclody idle.

Under-15 Division 2A 2001: Enniscorthy Town v. New Ross Town (12.30, M. Colfer); Enniscorthy United v. Corach Ramblers (1.30, S. Vardy); St. Joseph's v. Forth Celtic 'B' (1.30, J. Doyle).

Women's fixtures

SUN. OCT. 18

Premier Division (11.30): East End United v. Coolgreany Celtic; Benfica L.F.C. v. Ferns United; Seaview United v. Killenagh Wanderers.

Division 1 (11.00): All Blacks v. Adamstown; Kilmore United v. St. Leonards; New Ross Town v. Curracloe United.

Division 2A: Piltown F.C. v. Corach Ramblers (11.30); Bunclody A.F.C. v. Moyne Rangers (1.00); Bree United v. Camolin Celtic (1.00); Cloughbawn A.F.C. v. St. Joseph's (11.00).

Division 2B: Cloughbawn 'B' v. Tombrack United (1.00); Stoney L.F.C. v. Rosslare Rangers (11.00); St. Cormac's v. Fastnet Rovers (11.00); Courtown Hibs v. Ajax Athletic (11.00); Cushinstown A.F.C. v. Seaview United 'B' (11.00).

Schoolgirls fixtures

SAT. OCT. 17

Under-12 Premier Division: Ballindaggin v. Campile United; Courtown Hibs v. Kilmore United.

Under-12 Division 1: Curracloe United v. New Ross Town; Cloughbawn A.F.C. v. Seaview United; Gorey Rangers v. Moyne Rangers; St. Leonards v. St. Joseph's.

Under-12 Division 2A: Corach Ramblers v. North End United; Wexford Youths v. Bunclody A.F.C.; All Blacks v. New Ross Celtic.

Under-12 Division 2B: Bridge Rovers v. St. Cormac's; Taghmon United v. Adamstown; Tombrack United v. Rosslare Rangers.

Under-12 Division 3: Courtown Hibs 'B' v. Cushinstown; Cloughbawn 'B' v. Bree United; Rosslare Strand v. Seaview United 'B'.

Under-16 Premier/Division 1: Gorey Rangers v. St. Leonards; Bunclody A.F.C. v. Seaview United; Wexford Celtic v. New Ross Town; North End United v. Cloughbawn A.F.C.

Under-16 Division 2: Tombrack United v. Moyne Rangers; Corach Ramblers v. Camolin Celtic; Courtown Hibs v. Shelburne F.C.; All Blacks v. Gorey Rangers 'B'.

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