Sunday 15 September 2019

Who was Wexford's greatest soccer player?

AFTER THE last few weeks of scintillating soccer action in eastern Europe our appetites for the Beautiful Game have been whetted even more, so much, in fact, that we have begun our search for Wexford's greatest ever soccer player.

And you, dear readers, are going to help us find the greatest player to have ever graced the playing fields of the Model county.

Starting next week, we will publish a list of all the clubs in the county, plus one player that THEY have nominated to represent them. We have had no say in the nominations, nor will we have any say in the voting, it is entirely up to you.

Before we raise the green flag on the voting process we want to make sure that every club has had a fair chance of representation. This week we are asking anybody connected to a club no longer in existence to send us in a nomination.

We want to make sure that nobody is forgotten.

If there is anybody that played for a now defunct club and deserves to feature please make contact with us at: or, or call us on 05391-40125 or 087-2762562.

Voting begins next week.