Wednesday 18 September 2019

Words from Wallace

ACHIEVING YOUR first win of the season is always a challenge; for an amateur team packed with kids it's even more difficult.

It took a goal from the excellent Under-18 player Jimmy Keohane to claim the three points away to Mervue. And it wasn't easy.

Despite having an extra man, the Youths were put under a lot of pressure late in the game and it took all of the experience of Packie Holden, Anthony Wolfe, Patsy Malone and Anthony Russell to prevent an equaliser.

We could have been more solid with our goal lead and at times seemed too intent on grabbing a second, leaving ourselves a bit exposed at times.

Mervue played a risky game themselves, as they threw the kitchen sink at the Youths, applying a philosophy that they may as well lose by two as one.

Playing conditions were difficult which was hard to believe – Terryland Park is normally a beautiful playing surface and I'm sure it will be again soon, but it was unrecognisable on Friday night.

Still, we managed to play good football and the experienced quartet at the back had honest youths to help make it happen on the night – Chris Kenny, Warren Broaders, Dean Broaders, Shane Dempsey, Shane Sinnott, Danny Furlong, Jimmy Keohane and Aidan McCann.

Last season, we had zero points from our first three games so the four accumulated to date this season are a bonus.

Monaghan next Sunday is a huge game for us now. They've always been difficult opponents for us, have a lot of experienced players in their ranks, and now have the added pressure of still seeking their first win, despite some strong performances away to Shelbourne and Longford.

I hope Monaghan manager Mick Cooke enjoys his pasta and glass of wine after the game but not the result.