Tuesday 12 November 2019

Wexford’s traffic plan under fire at Rosslare meeting

New signs erected indicating the closure of lower Rowe Street
New signs erected indicating the closure of lower Rowe Street

Pádraig Byrne

The Chairman of the Rosslare Municipal District is to draft a letter outlining the major concerns and reservations the members have in relation to a new traffic plan which is currently being trialled in Wexford town.

The plan includes the closure of Rowe Street at the Main Street junction and Monck Street during traditional pedestrian hours, as well as the implementation of a left turn only off Henrietta Street onto the quay and a left turn only onto Cinema Lane.

While the council stated that the plan was implemented on a 'trial basis' road markings have been altered on Rowe Street and removable bollards have been installed at the top and bottom of the street.

This follows on from the decision to make the Bullring one way, which was initially described as a 'temporary measure' while works were ongoing at the new district council offices in Cornmarket. However, later barriers were installed in Cornmarket and road markings were changed to make a 'temporary measure' very much a permanent one.

Although not directly in their district, Cllr Lisa McDonald stated that the traffic plan had major implications for Rosslare constituents, as it's where many of them work and do their business.

'The new Wexford town traffic plan is an unmitigated disaster,' Cllr McDonald said, before suggesting that the members voice their frustrations to the relevant parties in the Wexford District. 'I know it's not in our district, but it's a major issue for our constituents as Wexford would be the main town for a lot of them.'

'I suggest that we as a district write to the Wexford district about it,' said Chairman Cllr Ger Carthy. 'I'd question who drew up this plan. Was it consultants or was it drawn up on the back of a fag box?'

All of the members were agreeable that a letter be drafted to the Wexford District on the matter.

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